Saturday, 30 July 2016

09:22 – When Barbara read my post yesterday, she asked me not to buy any more canned meat. I thought she meant any at all, including chicken. But then she clarified that canned chicken was fine, and that the Keystone Meats canned ground beef was also acceptable for casseroles and so on. She just doesn’t like the Keystone beef chunks or pulled pork. She also hates tuna. She said salmon would be okay, but she’d just as soon have all chicken, which is also fine with me. Oddly, when I hit the Costco web site to order another case or two of their canned chicken, it wasn’t listed. It still isn’t as of just now. Apparently, has run out of chicken.

So I hit the Walmart website, which has the Keystone Meats canned hamburger and chicken. But having ordered Keystone Meats products from Walmart on-line before, I won’t do so again. They do such a poor job of packing that the cans invariably arrive badly dented. Their packing consists of tossing the cans into a box much too big for them and then adding a piece of two of twisted paper. The cans bang into each other in transit and arrive badly dented. Fortunately, some Walmarts stock the products, including the one up in Galax, Virginia, which is 30 miles or so from here. Unfortunately, they don’t stock many. The last time we were up there, they had about ten assorted cans of Keystone Meats. I grabbed the ones I wanted, which was only four or so. What I may do is use Walmart’s free pickup option to have the product delivered to the Walmart store in Galax or Elkin, NC and just pick it up from there.

Colin is pushing. This morning when the mail arrived, Colin went out the front door without permission. Then, as Barbara was putting him out on the back deck so that she could vacuum the floors without him attacking the vacuum, she turned to come in the door and he nipped her hand. She grabbed him and yelled and shook him to tell him that was completely unacceptable. He knows what it means to be called a Bad Dog.

More science kit stuff today, mostly filling bottles.