Saturday, 23 July 2016

09:13 – We closed on the house in Winston yesterday, so we’re back to owning only one home. The next major project is to get our gravel driveway paved. I’ll call to get quotes Monday.

Email from Brittany, whose prepping is proceeding apace. Her foil-Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers have arrived, and they have a repackaging party scheduled for this weekend. They also picked up another two 50-pound bags of sugar, four 50-pound bags of flour, four 25-pound bags of beans, four 25-pound bags of white rice, about 50 pounds of pasta, 50 pounds of oatmeal, and 25 pounds of cornmeal, so with what they already had there’s a lot of repackaging to be done. Brittany happily notes that they now have enough to feed the four of them for six months, mostly in bulk staples, but with a reasonable amount of canned meats, sauces, and other foods as well. They also have a large order of Augason Farms stuff in #10 cans on the way from Walmart. And her husband is busy building shelves in the basement to store all this stuff once it’s repackaged. Brittany says that just looking at the piles of stuff is enough to make her feel much more secure, which is a common reaction of new preppers who’ve started to accumulate reasonable amounts of supplies.

We built another 28 chemistry kits yesterday, which takes our finished goods inventory on those to about four dozen. We’ll get started today on another batch of biology kits. Once we get those complete, it’ll be lather, rinse, and repeat though August and into September. In prior years, there’ve been weeks when I was so busy shipping kits that I didn’t have time to build more. I think our all-time record was 34 kits in one day. With Barbara available full-time this year, keeping up shouldn’t be a problem.

09:25 – Science is never “settled”, as any real scientist understands. How a Guy From a Montana Trailer Park Overturned 150 Years of Biology