Thursday, 21 July 2016

09:22 – Barbara just left for Mt. Airy, where she’s meeting her friend Bonnie to walk around the arts/crafts places and have lunch. She should be back by dinner time, but Colin isn’t happy about her leaving him here.

We got a new batch of chemical bags made up for chemistry kits yesterday. Today, I’m building boxes for those chemistry kits, which’ll take our finished goods inventory on those up to about four dozen. Once we finish those, we’ll get to work on making up chemical bags for biology kits and then making those kits up, which’ll again take us to about four dozen in stock. That’ll total about 12 dozen total of all types of kits in stock, which should suffice to get us well into August, based on prior years. But of course we’ll keep building more kits, because after August comes September, which is always another big month.

Email from Jen. Rather than stocking up on millions of tampons for herself and Claire, she decided to give the Diva Cup a try. There are two models of the Diva Cup. Model 1 is for women who are under 30 years old AND have not had a child via vaginal delivery or C-section. Model 2 is for women who are over 30 OR have had a child. So she ordered a Model 2 for herself and a second one for Claire. She pointed out that Angela Paskett (who’s also the author of an excellent food-storage book) has a YouTube video about it that’s worth watching for women who are considering this option.

She and Claire had pretty much the same reaction to the Diva Cup. The first month, they hated it. It was gross and completely different from using disposable tampons. Over the following months, they both decided it wasn’t so bad, and after five or six months they’ve both decided they actually prefer it to tampons. So they ordered spares for each of them and are keeping their remaining stock of tampons on the shelf. Jen recommends it in the appropriate sizes for any household with a girl or woman of menstrual age or one who will soon be of menstrual age.

It’s a sad commentary on the current state of affairs, but I’m kind of surprised that no one has assassinated Donald Trump yet. I’m not sure if there’s a bigger threat from the Clinton camp, whose enemies are known for disappearing or dying in strange ways, or the GOPe/RNC, who hate Trump about as much as the Democrats do. Throw in other groups like BLM and other SJWs and progs, muslim terrorists, Mexican cartels, and just about everyone other than normal people is out to get Trump. I’m in no way a Trump supporter–I consider him nearly as bad as Clinton–but I sure don’t wish him harm. But a lot of people do. If I were he, I’d supplement my SS protection detail with private security that I’d hired and paid for myself. If someone does kill Trump, there’ll be joyous celebrations among the RINOs and neocons, who will then be able to run one of their own against Clinton.

The next four months are likely to be interesting times, in the Chinese proverb sense.