Monday, 10 August 2015

08:03 – I bought Barbara a Kindle HDX late last year mainly as an inexpensive tablet that she could use evenings in the den for checking email and web pages. Then Amazon put their older Kindle HD on sale for $70, so I grabbed one of those for myself. After giving them a fair chance, I’ve concluded that they’re marginally useful for those, but they’re so flaky that they’re a PITA to use. They’re unstable. Frequently they have problems connecting to WiFi. The browser often crashes. Amazon’s Silk browser is crap, as is their butchered version of Android. Firefox is better, but still hinky. I’m wondering if these units can run a standard Linux like Mint.

Speaking of which, the Mantra theme I switched to a few weeks ago works fine on a regular PC, but it’s just about unusable on a tablet. I compared this site last night to Barbara’s site, which is running the original theme that I’d been using, and there was no comparison. So I’ve decided to switch back, at least for now.

More work on science kit stuff today.

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  1. First, I have found that with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 that I periodically have to power it off and power it back on.

    Second, I have rooted an original Nook Color and installed a generic Android on it, and was glad to have a machine that was not locked down. I didn’t wind up doing much with it because it was pretty wimpy hardware.

  2. I’ve got the Kindle Fire HDX and nearly zero complaints; took it with me to NJ and PA a couple of weeks ago and it was good with email, the Silk browser and running Pandora’s streaming music (Baroque channel). I’ve got a ton of books on it and a bunch of other apps, that all seem to run at least as well as any of the computers I’ve got here, who also have occasional glitches and hassles.

    Another sunny day with blue skies here so fah; yard and garden work today, mainly.

    Update: Comcast guy, a local, came yesterday afternoon (a Sunday!) and replaced a splitter that had evidently been disintegrating and took a look at the whole setup. He noted that the actual line coming into the house from a pole about 100 yards away was old and tired and needed to be replaced. He’ll be back with another guy this week and arranging traffic control, etc. to do the gig. So fah, so good, with Comcast customer service.

  3. Comparing them side-by-side, the HDX is definitely a lot better than the HD. I’m going to leave Barbara’s HDX alone, but I may play with my HD. If I brick it, no big loss.

  4. @Dave B.

    Yes, I have to power reset my HD frequently. It often hangs and a power reset is the only way I’ve found to fix it. Also, Firefox (and before that Silk) would often start acting very strangely. For instance, the + icon for opening a new tab would disappear and all of the existing tabs would be non-responsive. Or I have three or four tabs open and close one, at which point Firefox closes abruptly and returns me to the main screen. Or, strangest of all, Firefox (or Silk) suddenly ends up with the right half of the screen completely black and the visible portion unresponsive.

    A lot of the problems with Silk were probably caused by AdBlock Plus, which is great on Linux but a complete mess on Kindle. I finally ended up uninstalling it, installing Firefox, and adding a Firefox ad-blocker add-in. I’m guessing that OFD is running with no problems because he doesn’t use an adblocker, but not having a functional adblocker makes the Kindle unusable for me. I simply can’t tolerate ads.

  5. You might try setting up a Privoxy instance with the adblock plus ruleset. (i.e. EasyList/EasyPrivacy)

    This is what I use for my tablets. It offloads the adblocking, and significantly improves performance.

  6. Thanks. I may try that. I’m using one whose name I don’t recall at the moment. It’s a Firefox add-on that also uses the ABP rulesets.

    The problem I had with ABP for Kindle is that it isn’t an add-on that runs within Silk or Firefox. It’s a proxy server that sits between the Internet and everything running on the Kindle. ABP frequently crashed completely, and even when it was running it’d produce very frequent proxy-server errors.

  7. Just to be clear, I’m running Privoxy on a Linux machine (that has many other duties) and pointing the tablets to the proxy.

    Given the RAM pressure on tablets, that’s an important distinction. It is challenging to do ad blocking without using a largish amount of RAM. Even uBlock, which is by far the most efficient, uses 100M+, which on a tablet with only 1G of RAM is not insignificant.

  8. “…I’m guessing that OFD is running with no problems because he doesn’t use an adblocker…”

    I’ve been using Silk and haven’t run into any ad problems so far and no, I haven’t been using an adblocker on it. That said, I don’t actually use the Fire all that much; it was nice when I was swanning around Megalopolis a couple of weeks ago and it takes great pics and vids, but I don’t tote it around with me everywhere. For that matter, my old iPhone 4 takes pretty good pics, too; certainly not of the quality or anywhere in the same solar system as Mr. Ray’s, but good enough for crap I do.

    Just had the chimney guy here to do the annual cleanup ops; we’ll be keeping an eye on any repointing projects and related chit that will probably need to get done in the near few-chuh, plus venting the opposite wall up in the attic; they could give us a “bundle” price on doing both next year and they’re local guys. We’ve been very happy with their service thus fah.

    We also still really need to get a plumber and an electrician in here for some stuff, though; balancing it all while also doing prep stuff is a bit tricky.

  9. @Greg

    Thanks. I hadn’t thought about setting up a proxy on one of my Linux boxen and pointing the tablets at it. Incidentally, uBlock is what I’m using now, I just couldn’t remember the name.

  10. I’ve been very happy with my Kindle Fire (original.) I use if for reading books, which it does very well. I occasionally look at a forum or other webpage (this one included) and haven’t had any problems.

    I can’t really imagine using it as a web browser most of the time, especially for sites with a lot of ads. It never occurred to me to install ABP on it.

    I have a lenovo tablet I sometimes use to read the news or here while eating breakfast. It has difficulty with some pages where there must be some sort of script running. It thinks some pages are never done loading.

    I’ve got a fire HD and an HDX that I haven’t decided to keep, give away, or sell. Maybe I should bump that decision up the list 🙂

    Since I buy them cheap, I have a stack of kindles and sony ereaders. My intent was to fill one with prepper stuff. A classic should last for a while, with spares standing by. I usually end up giving them to relatives to use as ereaders. So many projects.

    on The Survivalist Blog today:

    This could have been written by me! His kids sound a little bit older than mine, and he does more hunting and camping, but his approach is similar to what I wrote here previously. It’s a good piece for beginning preppers who might be a bit overwhelmed.


  11. I remember reading your blog awhile back when you mentioned that the Kindle HD was on sale for $70. I immediately grabbed one for my wife who was looking for an inexpensive small tablet to take with her when she travels. Our iPads are simply too large and she didn’t want to be dragging those along. She’s been very pleased with her Kindle tablet and hasn’t had any problems at all with it. She absolutely loves it. She uses it for email, browsing and skype all the time.

  12. More rioting in Ferguson. 50 “activists” looting stores. Cops drop anotha brotha. What do they expect to accomplish other than stealing shit? Too bad Sharpless wasn’t there and got dropped.

    And “Caitlyn” appears in public for the first time in a swim suit. Ugh. Don’t google for that pic.

  13. Yeah, it looks like my intolerance for ads is the killer here. There’s no adblocker on Barbara’s HDX, and her main problems are with WiFi access and slow page loads. She sits 20 feet from a WAP and her Kindle shows strong signal, so I don’t think that’s the problem.

    Neither of us reads on our Kindle Fires. They’re simply for web browsing. We read on our older non-backlit Kindles. I may pick up a few spare non-backlit Kindles as Nick mentions, load them up with reference materials, and put them in a Faraday cage box.

  14. Ferguson is just a proxy/harbinger for the rest of us. I’m afraid that the lid is very close to blowing off.

  15. MrAtoZ,

    No kidding on the jenner pic, I was scrolling down the page and the thumbnail caught my eye. I went “what’s wrong with that chick?” then saw the caption.

    As humans, we are extremely sensitive to when another human is ‘just not right.’ Whether it’s an eye that doesn’t track right, a missing digit, scarring, or some other deformity, our attention will go right to the defect. I don’t know the evolutionary benefit, but we seem to be programmed to spot it. And Jenner does NOT look right in a woman’s swimsuit.


  16. In the Religion of Peace and they’re really not like us depts:

    Asian father whose daughter drowned in Dubai sea ‘stopped lifeguards from saving her because he didn’t want her touched and dishonoured by strange men’

    Read more:


    And note the use of ‘asian’ to mean middle eastern. I wonder what a Japanese would say to that?

  17. And “Caitlyn” appears in public for the first time in a swim suit.

    Don’t get your hopes up and long for a thong as it won’t hide the dong which is just wrong.

  18. I always figure that “asian” is a typo of “muslim”.

    And, no, they’re not like us. Calling them “animals” is an insult to animals.

  19. Oops. I just realized that that might have been another micro-aggression.

  20. The Daily Mail has lots of photos from Ferguson, where despite heavy rain, the mob got their loot on and got some shots off.

    interesting to look at how the various agencies are equipped.

    And the level of fitness amongst the troops.

    Compare and contrast the protesters with their shirts off, and the deputies with their guts overhanging their belts. Who would win if not for the guns and force of law in a confrontation between those two?


  21. EPA crew accidentally turns Animas River orange”

    I wonder if the EPA will levy a fine against the EPA for the accident.

  22. “I wonder if the EPA will levy a fine against the EPA for the accident.”
    No, they will levy a fine against the mine owner.

  23. MrAtoz wrote:

    And “Caitlyn” appears in public for the first time in a swim suit. Ugh. Don’t google for that pic.

    How does “she” compare with Janet Reno or Hillary?

  24. hmmm….I don’t recall problems with your site on a tablet with the Mantra theme. I have a LG tablet, plus a Nook, and that theme looks fine on both, IIRC.

    That Mantra theme is on Jerry Pournelle’s main site ( ) if others want to test it on other devices. The Mantra theme is also on the John D Brown site ( ). I’d be interested in the results, as my testing didn’t indicate problems.

    I put a different theme (Voyage) on the site . I like the looks of that one a bit better than Jerry’s main site. Voyage is also ‘responsive’, so looks OK on tablet and phone.

    Never did get a response from the Mantra theme guys on the comment form Name field problem. And Mantra did have that one problem with very long URLs ‘bleeding’ out of the blog area on narrower screens.

    Speaking of that, I am finishing up a (free) WordPress plugin that automatically shortens links to a link when the post/page/comment is saved. It would have fixed the long URL problem mentioned above.


  25. “Ferguson is just a proxy/harbinger for the rest of us. I’m afraid that the lid is very close to blowing off.”

    I keep hoping you are wrong! At the same time I’m afraid you’re right. I think it’s past time to get a shotgun. My wife will be very uncomfortable with this idea, even if it’s in a gun safe. I’m inclined to agree with her about the gun safe, since it would drastically reduce Junior’s chances of finding it.

    Any thoughts on this gun safe for a shotgun and maybe a rifle or two down the road?

    I’m thinking that when I really need it the electronics aren’t going to work. I’m also thinking if the electronics work it would open faster than a key only safe.

  26. @Rick H

    Thanks. My big issue with Mantra was the lack of double column. I spend lots of time reading and responding to comments here, so I really need the right-hand bar that lists the most recent comments. As you note, there have also been reports of various minor issues. I’m happy with the old theme for now.

  27. I’m not sure what I’d do if I had young children, but a gunsafe wouldn’t be it. Back when I was one of those young kids, my parents didn’t have firearms, but many of my friends’ parents did. They used two methods of keeping guns out of the hands of kids: (1) put them in a high place, like the top shelf of a closet, and (2) told their kids to never, ever touch them except with adult permission and supervision. That seemed to work pretty well. I don’t remember hearing about any accidental shootings or even accidental discharges.

    And I remember a demonstration from when I was very, very young. The adult had a large pistol or revolver, and several kids watching. He explained that he was going to demonstrate what a gun could do to someone and why we should never mess with them unless an adult was supervising. He set up a watermelon as a target and shot it once. The sound was like the worst thunder I’d ever heard, times ten. The watermelon literally disintegrated, blown into small chunks that flew everywhere. He then set up a can of tomato sauce, and said, “Here’s what it does to a steel can.” The can exploded when the bullet hit it, spraying tomato sauce all over the place, and leaving only shreds of the steel can. I’ve never forgotten that demo, and I suspect that none of the others who saw it have forgotten it.

  28. No, they will levy a fine against the mine owner.

    From what I read, the mine is now owned by …. the EPA.

  29. “From what I read, the mine is now owned by …. the EPA.”
    Then the EPA will figure out how to fine the former mine owners for EPA negligence.

  30. I’ve never forgotten that demo, and I suspect that none of the others who saw it have forgotten it.

    I was given a similar demo, plastic milk jug full of water. Never forgot it, never played with the guns even though we all knew where the gun cabinet, key, and unlocked home defense gun were.

  31. Our gun safe when I was a kid was a wood gun rack my Dad made. All the rifles and shotguns hung on it. The drawer had the pistols and ammo (nothing was kept loaded). There was never a problem since my Dad taught us gun safety and shooting. It actually hung in the kids bedroom. Three brothers who fought all the time. None of us ever had an inclination to grab a gun three feet away. Today’s youth have no respect for life. Especially in the inner rotting cities.

  32. @bill, there is a safe (technically NONE of these are ‘safes’ but ‘security containers’) that is a drawer that you bolt under your bed. If I wanted a long gun easily accessible, I’d look at that.

    The other one is a vertical one I’ve seen as background prop in a gun show commercial. It looks like a drawer turned on edge.

    If you want ready access, you need to open it before retiring, and close it upon rising.

    I posted a link to a home invasion murder a few days ago. From breaking the door for entry to being dead, about 15 seconds. You need to be able to access your stored firearm QUICKLY.

    I’ll try to find and post a link to the products.



    good variety of pix.

    I use the GunVault(TM) for my pistols.

  33. So here’s an interesting article.

    The reporting is so bad, that after rereading the article I STILL don’t have a clear idea of what happened other than a girl got shot.

    Who was she talking to? Who shot her? What was the alleged motive? Did she say hello to an ex-boy/girlfriend who’s new jealous lover then shot her?

    WTF? And who has “200 friends and relatives” come riot at the hospital?

    And finally, ‘I had 14 children. Now I have just 13. And one is gone because she said hello.’



    not like us.

  34. “Compare and contrast the protesters with their shirts off, and the deputies with their guts overhanging their belts. Who would win if not for the guns and force of law in a confrontation between those two?”

    The various and legit weapons/tactics training orgs/sites harp on the PT thing ALL THE TIME. Do not expect to confront mobs of these people or even hump supplies any distance or run around in your ‘hood for long with a ruck, rifle and ammo if you’re outta shape. These mobs, whether here in the U.S. of Amnesia, or over in Europe, are largely composed of fighting-age and fitness young males. In a battle w/o weapons on the street between them and most cops, the mobs are gonna win easily. It may be a draw between them and active duty troops in the same situation, although my money would be on the presumably trained soldiers.

    Consider also stress levels, weather, hunger, thirst, injuries, etc., when dealing with all this stuff; if you’re old and creaky and/or outta shape you’re gonna be faced with some decisions to make. 50-75-year-old guys get through some of these pretty rigorous tactical trainings down in the West Virginia hills and other places, so it can be done. I’m off to a slow and uncomfortable start, but I’m doing it; a few situps and pushups and fast-walking around the ‘hood here will hopefully increase in the next few months and then I hope to get out doing it in the snow with x-c skis and snowshoes.

  35. Some sort of lockable gun safe/cabinet is required in MA, probably other states too. According to the letter of the law all you need is a trigger lock but in reality the powers-that-be expect a container of some sort where the innocent, weak and foolish cannot lay eyes on the horror of a gun.

    I wouldn’t trust the biometric locks for anything critical. I have an iPhone 6 that reads my fingerprint. Usually works. Usually. Simple things that distort the prints cause it to fail, like scraped skin or wrinkles after washing a lot of dishes.

  36. I like the mechanism on the GunVault. You can do it with eyes closed, you enter it as a pattern of finger presses, not numbers.

    I DON”T like the fingerprint readers, or for quick access a key or button pad. The button pad is quicker than a dial however.

    The worst for security is a key or the RFID bracelet. Whoever has the key or bracelet can open the box- kid, thief, anyone.


  37. @OFD, the pix from fergie are enlightening no matter which group you worry about.

    Angry ‘youths’ that look like bodybuilders rampaging in a mob, or heavily armed jack booted (well, desert booted) thugs with armor, too out of shape to do anything but shoot your a$$.


  38. @Mr. nick; the only group I’m worried about is us, ordinary working schmuck Mundanes, middle Murkans, trying to get through the day without hurting ourselves or anyone else and mostly trying to do the right thing. The mobs and cops can go have themselves a full-scale battle royale for all I care; just make it entertaining for the Toob vids, please.

    Speaking of entertainment:

    “So was Donald Trump referring to Megyn Kelly’s nose or her vagina?”

  39. Some thoughts about 4thG warfare, and knock on or second order effects:

    Look at those Fergie pix. Count the people.

    4GW – a few hundred have caused the deployment of MANY times more, very asymmetrical.

    – they are looking to PROVOKE a response. No single one of them wants to be the poster child but they are hoping SOMEONE is.

    -the press is complicit

    -it costs them almost nothing to field a couple hundred “protesters” but costs the political units that support those agencies $millions.

    – do it a couple of times and you’ve bankrupted your local political units. COPS don’t work without pay. Nor do soldiers.

    – with modern tech you can flash mob elsewhere to take advantage of the lower concentration of LEOs outside the protest area.

    -where does the fire service stand on all this? They are conspicuously absent. Have they decided they don’t want to be used to give the dirty hipsters a bath? (I’d have them in pumpers, ready to hose down the protesters.)

    Second order effects:
    -all those guys came from somewhere, who’s policing their home areas?

    -how many reports aren’t getting written, cases followed up on, dangerous criminals apprehended?

    -how long can ordinary policing be put on hold?

    -how long before this sort of presence is tasked to someone else, just so the locals can get back to work?

    -will the jobbers who are brought in be more or less willing to put up with the nonsense?

    -you can bet they have medical standing by, close by, and lots of it. What effect is that having on wait times for emergency service?

    -how many times will they be called out, just to stand around, before they either stop coming, or decide to ‘finish it, once and for all?’

    I’m sure there is more….


  40. @ofd,

    Think the use of “blood libel” was intentional? And if so to what end? Or is someone just so young and shallow they don’t recognize the phrase?


    BTW, OMFG, it’s not nixon, they’re not wayward and burnstink and I’m sick to death of every semantically tortured scandal being labelled “xx -gate.” It was the name of a HOTEL for Pete’s sake. It makes as little sense as calling it “blood-roof inn”….

  41. “I’m sure there is more….”

    Exactly. How long can the regime sustain the financial and logistics burdens of dealing with this kind of situation? Then multiply it by a dozen cities, simultaneously. You can bet yer bippy that someone has already thought of this on “both” sides. The third side being the rulers who love to see this going down. Once the cops and troops demonstrate they can’t or won’t handle it anymore, there will be huge and panicky blowback.

    “Or is someone just so young and shallow they don’t recognize the phrase?”


    “…and I’m sick to death of every semantically tortured scandal being labelled “xx -gate.””



    Well, if nothing else, I can sit back with my iced Moxie and my bag of pretzels and enjoy the show, secondhand, of course, via the net; we’re still not watching tee-vee here.

  42. TrumpGate

    Keep your rayciss remarks to yourself, Mr. OFD. Trump The Mighty ™ is doing his job of disrupting the Redumblicans. Even Conservative Pundits are excoriating TMT. Run to the hills…Run for your lives.

  43. So is TMT really working for Field Marshal Cankles?

    Gee, this means we won’t get a hero-savior from the Rebumblican ranks, and yes, they’re pretty rank. Which also means we’ll be SURE to end up with her for EIGHT years and it will be ALL YOUR FAULT!

  44. Looking at her, I don’t think she’s gonna live that long.

  45. She can get the best top-shelf medical care and that is likely to keep her lumbering around for quite a while yet. She’s evidently totally dead-set on getting into the WH and must have called in quite a few chips already; note that Larry Klinton hasn’t really been in the nooz much, so far as I know, for some odd reason. Wouldn’t a husband be right out there with his wittle honey? Or is he just too much baggage from the past? If that’s the case, what about HER sordid and rotten past? Is that just not gonna be discussed ever again or what? Emails are the least of it. Her shit goes all the way back to Yale Law School. And then going after Nixon. And then defending a violent rapist.

    OK, let’s have some fun; let’s assume she gets in and then her health just falls apart totally and she has to bail or she dies. Who would be the likely VP to take over at that point? Assuming also she has to shore up political demographics besides the ones she’s already got.

  46. Looking at her, I don’t think she’s gonna live that long.

    If you look at her, you probably won’t live that long. Or at least you’ll go blind.

    re the “Asian” man who let his daughter drown, I’d guess he’s Pakistani. “Asian” in Brit press almost always means Indian or Paki, unless something’s changed without my noticing it.

  47. “Or at least you’ll go blind.”

    Or turn to stone. Wait, no; Medusa was a hottie compared to this pig.

    If Indian or Paki, he’d still have to be a hadji to come up with something like that; this is the religion of peace that will let a whole schoolhouse full of girls burn alive because for male firefighters to see them would be worse.

    And what do we hear from the fembot harpies in the West?


  48. Medusa was a hottie compared to this pig.

    Macro-aggression, Sir! Keep them coming!

    TMT ™ would be proud of you. The Beast of Benghazi would have blood coming out of her eyes after debating My Lord and Savior Trump. However, dust runs through those cankles and other areas as TMT would say. Micro-aggression!

  49. ” full of girls burn alive because for male firefighters to see them would be worse”

    And do we hear calls for all female fire companies? NO because women and especially girls are chattel. To be sold or traded for a profit. Otherwise they are nothing but an expense that one has to pay (dowrey) to get rid of.



  50. I’d rather have a naked oil-wrestling match with Medusa while handcuffed than ever see That Pig’s viz again in this life. Or hear her extremely annoying voice.

    “And do we hear calls for all female fire companies?”

    Nope. And during my days on The Job, I had many occasions to fraternize with firefighters; the only fems who could hack the mission, so to speak, were big brawny babes capable of hauling a 150-200-pound inert body out of a burning building while wearing all that gear and inhaling smoke. i.e., very few. They’ve probably reduced the reqs drastically by now, though, and on the scenes they’re keeping the fems out of harm’s way, just as has been reported in infantry rifle companies at whatever front these days over in the Sandbox shit-holes.

    As for all fem firefighting companies in the Sandbox, it’s a total non-starter, for the reasons Mr. nick mentions, mainly. So they’d much rather let a bunch of young girls die a horrible death, of course.

    As Mr. nick also sez….’they’re not like us.’

    No chit. And there is no glossing over that unpleasant fact, just as there is no blowing it off here in this country, either.

  51. Does talk of women not cutting it in infantry units call for a trigger warning? Or does even asking that question call for a trigger warning? Heck, I’ve even seen it suggested that the term “trigger warning” could be a trigger for people who’d been exposed to violence or its after-effects. It’s so confusing sometimes.

  52. @steveF

    You’re triggering me! According to the press I ‘just go off’!

    But I don’t, you triggered me! OhHHHhhh, trigger me again, you, you, cis-male RIGHT NOW or I’ll have to call someone. NOW nOW now!

    Oh, that got weird quickly….


  53. Let’s break down Mr. SteveF’s very germane and interesting questions, keeping in mind that I am a practiced English major (recovering) and former grad student/TA from the late 80s and early 90s when the virus was just getting going good:

    “Does talk of women not cutting it in infantry units call for a trigger warning?”


    “Or does even asking that question call for a trigger warning?”


    “Heck, I’ve even seen it suggested that the term “trigger warning” could be a trigger for people who’d been exposed to violence or its after-effects.”


    “It’s so confusing sometimes.”

    Your jocular tone and pseudo complaint indicate a very bad attitude, a series of microaggressions, and the whole would certainly require a trigger warning in any contemporary college- or university-level humanities or social “science” class.

    “Oh, that got weird quickly….”

    Not to worry; we’re putting it down to the extreme heat down there in that jungle and your lingering vapors, flu, cold, whatever illness is plaguing you while Others enjoy the cool breeze and bracing waters at the beach.

  54. Some really bright preppers up in O Kanada:

    “If a Katrina-like storm knocked out power in Toronto, you’d know the preppers by the lights in their windows, running on generators.”

    Also by the smell of nicely seasoned chili cooking in a pot on the woodstove, the music from a working iPad, and the sound of a refrigerator door opening and closing repeatedly, eh?

    ““North,” he concludes, “is the only way that you can truly disappear.””

    Hear that, Sugarland denizens?

    The end times are coming; sez so in the Bible, probably in the only book any of these people ever read, Revelation. After the zombie hordes attack, India and China will have a nuclear war and we can all live in buried school buses to protect us from the blasts and radiation and then Jesus will lead us up into the light.

    I hope RBT includes a short chapter in his volumes somewhere on coping with religious nutters who are sure to be Legion if and when TSHTF here. Could be just as dangerous, if not more so, than mobs of inner-city bodybuilders and invading U.N. troops.

  55. Saw 109 F today on the truck display while driving around in the Land of Sugar. Hot, hot, hot. Bought some Moen Brantford stuff in ORB and a toilet today. The air conditioning guys just about finished installing the new 3 ton 16 SEER RUUD system. The plumber has a lot of stuff to finish, he was supposed to show up this morning at 730 am but did not show until 10 am. And then left at 11 am.

    We supposedly going to be sheetrocking on Thursday. Gonna rip a wall and two windows out of my bedroom tomorrow. One of the windows, a 7×7 glass block window, is going to be moved 2.5 inches into the studs. I hope that the house survives this intentional damage.

  56. If I had not lost my guns in the Brazos river, they would be in my gun safe in another room. I frequently have night terrors due to some heart medicine that I take and the risk of having a gun nearby is just too dangerous. Not taking that particular heart medicine would be dangerous also due to its stopping my tachycardia.

  57. Lynn, you used to use your surname too didn’t you?

    Yup. Adding (subtracting actually) some OPSEC. It is getting funky out there and I am worried about being on some Hillary death squad list.

    Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!

    Actually, I would not be surprised if Bernie passes away soon, probably in his sleep. With five bullets in him. Suicide.

  58. I remember reading one time about a Chicago coroner’s report back in the 20’s or 30’s. The victim was found with his hands secured behind him with twisted wire and he had been shot several times in the back of the head. It was ruled suicide.

    I don’t know. Maybe the guy pissed off Al Capone, which might be considered a form of suicide.

  59. Or “natural causes” since it is natural to die after being shot several times.


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