Wednesday, 19 August 2015

08:12 – Only two more days until Barbara gets home. Colin reminded me that there was some supermarket roast beast sandwich meat in the refrigerator that needed to be eaten, so we had roast beast sandwiches and potato chips for dinner last night.

Since Barbara left, Colin and I have gotten through the first 15 episodes of Heartland series 7, leaving three more episodes to watch tonight to finish up series 7. Colin watches the livestock; I watch Amber Marshall. Then we’ll start re-watching series 8. We’re watching five episodes per night, so we should get through series 8 episode 7 before Barbara gets home. Series 9 premieres on October 4th, but we won’t start watching it until the series concludes next April or May, so that gives me plenty of time to go back and start with series 1 and make it all the way through all eight seasons at least once more, if not twice. Have I mentioned that I love Amber Marshall?

I spent most of yesterday making up solutions and filling bottles, which I’ll do again today. I keep my inventory spreadsheet sorted by number of finished bottles of each chemical, so the limiting items are always at the top and get addressed first. For example, yesterday I was down to four bottles of Fertilizer A, which goes in the biology kit non-regulated chemicals bag. So I made up 8 liters of Fertilizer A, which was sufficient to fill 66 bottles of that. That made the limiting item for those bags, Benedict’s Reagent, which I have nine bottles of in stock. At this point, I could make up nine more biology non-regulated chemical bags, but instead I’ll make up another four liters of Benedict’s reagent today and fill bottles, which makes the next limiting item neomycin sulfate powder, which I have 19 vials of in stock. And so on. Once I have enough of everything in stock to make up three dozen bags, we’ll do that and then start again on something else.