Tuesday, 18 August 2015

08:27 – I took Colin for his final walk about 9:15 last night. About 10:30, he ran to the front door and started barking like there was an intruder. I opened the door and looked out. I saw nothing by the light of the streetlights, so I flipped on the porch light. Barbara would have had a heart attack. There was a spider web covering the entire glass surface of the storm door, and in the middle of it at my eye level was a H. carolinensis (Carolina wolf spider). That’s a pretty large species, but with a 1.5″+ (4 cm) body, this one was big even for a wolf spider. So I closed the door, making a mental note to be careful in the morning when I took Colin out. I forgot to look, of course, and it wasn’t until I took Colin out for a full walk a few minutes ago that I realized that both spider and web were gone.

Only three more days until Barbara gets home. Colin and I had a chicken/pasta casserole for dinner last night, but different from the chicken/pasta casserole we had Sunday night. There wasn’t enough of that one left for a full dinner, so I made another with a different recipe. I combined the leftovers from both, which we’ll have tonight.

It seems we may have convinced long-time reader and commenter OFD to write his own PA novel series. I hope he follows through on it, because I’m looking forward to buying and reading the series. Many others are writing such series but the best of the newer writers–like Steve Konkoly and Angery American–are mediocre to acceptable writers at best. OFD can write, and he has the experience and knowledge to write a good novel series. Now he just needs to follow through on it.