Monday, 22 December 2014

07:46 – Winston-Salem had another Brown/Garner Hands-Up/Black-Lives-Matter protest yesterday, this one at the intersection of Hanes Mall Boulevard and Stratford Road, a major shopping area and one of the busiest intersections in the city. The protest apparently lasted about 90 minutes, with a maximum of about 60 protesters present. That’s pretty pathetic for a city of a quarter million population. There were no arrests, but after the protest ended the cops issued citations for impeding traffic to three of the protesters. It seems that both protesters and police in Winston-Salem have more sense than those in many cities.

Barbara has Wednesday and Thursday off for Christmas. Ordinarily, she’d probably take PTO days Friday and most or all of next week, but this year she’s saving her remaining PTO days because she’s going to have knee-replacement surgery early next year. She’ll probably be off for a month or six weeks after the surgery, but policy requires her to take the first five days as either PTO or unpaid before paid medical leave kicks in.