Sunday, 7 December 2014

11:24 – A date which will live in infamy.

One of the fun things about writing a prepping book is the research. I come across things I never knew existed, many of them girl stuff. This morning, I mentioned one of them to Barbara. It’s called the pStyle, and it’s basically a plastic chute that allows girls and women to urinate while standing up. Barbara was surprised that I’d never heard of it. But then, she’s a girl.

I wish they’d had these things back when I was in college and doing a lot of camping with my girlfriends. One of them, to her regret, squatted to pee in what turned out to be a bed of poison ivy. Another lost her balance and toppled backward into a bed of stinging nettles. As one of them commented, it’s just not fair being a girl.

Today, Barbara and I are finishing up the last few chemicals I need to build kits. I’ll get those built today or tomorrow so they’ll be ready to ship by the time the mailman shows up tomorrow afternoon.