Tuesday, 9 December 2014

09:48 – We shipped nine science kits yesterday, and three so far today. At this rate, and with two weeks worth of Christmas orders yet to come, we’re going to be down to nothing pretty quickly.

With rioting continuing, I’m afraid this is going to become the norm. These idiots don’t realize what they’re doing. The cops are going to continue shooting young black men, because young black men commit lots of violent crimes, including rioting, looting, and arson. As more young black men are killed by police, the rioting will intensify, and more cops are likely to face legal sanctions, exacerbating the us-versus-them mindset already held by most cops. Eventually, cops, fire, EMS, and other emergency personnel will simply refuse to enter areas populated by the underclass. It’s happened before, and it will happen again. Why risk being killed or shooting in self-defense and facing criminal charges and ruinous lawsuits? If politicians don’t support the police, why should the police support the politicians?

And when it does happen, those areas will become chaotic. We’ll have gang rule, and the decent people who live in those areas–and most of them are decent people–will have no protection from the warlords. Businesses will completely abandon the lawless areas–many of them already have–and government services and utilities will become spotty to non-existent. Power company linemen don’t get combat pay, nor meter readers. Buildings will be left to burn to the ground, and calls to EMS will go unanswered. Is this really what these idiots want? Welcome to the third world.