Sunday, 21 December 2014

09:19 – I’m sure it will never occur to the NYC mayor to wonder what part his public statements played in the murder of two NYPD officers yesterday. With the media and far too many politicians trying to make cops the bad guys, I have to wonder how much longer those cops will be willing to continue doing their jobs. Who could blame them for going on strike or simply refusing to patrol underclass areas?

I think what we’re watching is the opening of the war of the underclass on civilization. I’m halfway inclined to hope they win. Give them what they apparently want and see how they like it when the police, fire departments, and other government services abandon the inner cities completely and let gang rule take their place. Pull that thin blue line back to encircle and contain the inner cities rather than attempting to protect them. I’m sure the cops will be a lot happier and a lot safer protecting people who appreciate what they do instead of shooting at them.

11:24 – We just got back from Sam’s Club, probably the smallest Sam’s/Costco run we’ve done in 10 years or more. The total was only $151, and most of that was frozen foods. Almost no shelf-stable foods, with the exception of two 52-ounce cans of dry-roasted peanuts, two six-packs of Campbell chunky soups, and two half-gallon jugs of pancake syrup. Unless you count the 15-pack of Ritz crackers or the can of Country Time lemonade powder sufficient to make 32 liters.

Barbara also ran in the pet store to pick up a bag of dog food, some Milk-bone dog biscuits, and a new Nyla-Bone chew toy for Colin. I noticed that the packaging of the chew toy warned, “Not for Powerful Chewers”, so technically we shouldn’t give it to Colin. He’s an extraordinarily powerful chewer. As a matter of fact, if they’d had Colin boring the tunnel for the Big Dig project in Boston, it would probably have come in ahead of schedule and under budget.