Friday, 5 December 2014

07:51 – Barbara left at 7:00 for an early appointment with her doctor. She has to have her dentist and GP check her over before the hospital will allow her knee-replacement surgery to take place.

As expected, December is starting out heavy for science kit sales. When I checked my email first thing this morning, I found a dozen orders had come in overnight. Unfortunately, half of those are for kits that we just ran out of stock on, so I know what I’ll be doing today and over the weekend.

11:52 – I got six of the kits I had in stock shipped, which leaves me with six for which I’m still making up chemicals and bottling them. They’ll ship Monday if there’s no rise in the creek level.

As I started bottling chemicals this morning, I remembered that I needed to re-order bottles and caps. So I just did a PO for a dozen cases of assorted bottles and caps, 10,000+ of them. As always, I used the free ground shipping option, which generally takes two days after shipping to arrive. The other option was next-day, but that would have cost $900+ extra. I wonder if anyone is ever in such a hurry for bottles that they’ll pay for next-day shipping. That phrase that starts out “piss-poor planning” comes to mind.