Saturday, 15 March 2014

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13:36 – We just returned from a Costco run, this time without Mary and Paul. We picked up a couple more cases of Costco brand bottled water. I was surprised to see the price had gone up from $3.09/case to $3.59/case. Then I realized that the cases had gone from 35 500-mL bottles to 40 500-mL bottles, so although the price had gone up it wasn’t by much.

Barbara is out in the yard cleaning up fallen branches and planting some new plants. She’s going out to dinner this evening with a friend, followed by a concert. I think I’ll watch Heartland re-runs.

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  1. OFD says:

    Mrs. OFD is hauling daughter back to school in Montreal this afternoon (after ten wonderful days here) at some point and leaving for Houston tomorrow (meanwhile no one is packed and they’re both farting around in and around and outside with other non-essential stuff, so at the last minute, when it’s dark, they’ll go into hysterical overdrive together and frantically begin thinking about packing up while bickering, of course, seen this movie. And it will somehow be all my fault.).

    Watched “Open Range” for the second time last night; great Western, with Duvall and Costner, recommended.

    Not sure what I’ll be watching this next week; still checking out the offerings from the Roku setup recently configured here. Probably watch the remaining two seasons of the British “House of Cards” and then the second season of the Kevin Spacey project when Mrs. OFD returns here in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile gotta ramp up the job search during the days; I have four possibles this next week, and just concluded a phone interview with a contractor outfit for another drone/merc gig 70 miles from here, which would suck, plus it’s a Windows shop (they have some RH machines there, though, and would be happy to have me pitch in on that, too; everything virtualized to Win7 desktops). Three more possibilities forty miles closer to home, though.

    What fun at sixty!

  2. Lynn McGuire says:

    Then I realized that the cases had gone from 35 500-mL bottles to 40 500-mL bottles

    No, please no! The half liter 35 bottle cases are already too heavy. I much prefer the the 24 bottle cases and am thinking about hanging the cost and moving to them. That is a lot of dead weight cantilevered on your back.

  3. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    It’s not that bad. The 40-bottle case weighs maybe 46 pounds or so. I was carrying one with each hand while we were loading up the cart in Costco, so they can’t be that heavy.

  4. Fred Gelston says:

    Perhaps the reason there’s been no ransom demand is that the takers of the plane just wanted the plane–to install a nuclear weapon and fly it somewhere, for instance….just a thought.


  5. OFD says:

    Someone would have to be pretty knowledgeable and adept at setting that sorta thing up; getting ahold of one probably not that hard, given the state of former Soviet nuke arsenals, or a helping hand from our good pals the Pakistanis. As for delivery via aircraft and working the triggering mechanism; that’s beyond my pay grade.

  6. Lynn McGuire says:

    As for delivery via aircraft and working the triggering mechanism; that’s beyond my pay grade.

    According to Tom Clancy, easy if you have a nuclear scientist who is a fellow jihadist hanging around:

    I listened to Lou Diamond Phillips reading the unabridged version, 15 CDs. Recommended and the wife checked it out from our library.

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