Day: October 21, 2013

Monday, 21 October 2013

09:45 – Our inventory of biology and chemistry kits is getting low, so I’ll take time today to build another dozen or so of each. We have all the components and subassemblies in stock, so it’s just a question of boxing them up.

I was actually surprised this morning by Charles Krauthammer’s column, Redskins and Reason. As far as I’m concerned, he nailed it.

14:12 – I’ve been doing some casual analysis of our revenues this year versus 2012, and I conclude that the actions of the federal government in 2013 have had a tremendous impact. In 2013Q1, our revenues were about six times those of 2012Q1. In 2013Q2, the sequester kicked in and our revenues were 192% those of 2012Q2. In 2013Q3, the government shutdown and debt limit crisis hit just at the end, and our revenues were only 161% those of 2012Q3. Interestingly, the second half of September was the real killer. If the second half of September had only maintained the run rate of the first half, we’d have finished Q3 at close to the 192% gain of Q2. Sales fell off a cliff around 9/15, presumably in expectation of the October budget crisis. October sales may equal those of October 2012, if we’re lucky. It seems that people are postponing or cutting back on consumer spending due both to the higher taxes that kicked in in Q1 and the uncertainty spawned by this month’s budget crisis.

Our original goal was to double revenue in 2013 versus 2012. We may still make that, but it’s not a lock by any means. But if things had continued all year as they started the year, we’d have at least quadrupled revenues and possibly hextupled them. So, I think our modified goal for 2014 will be to increase revenues by 50% year on year. Even that may be optimistic, depending on what the damned government does.

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