Day: October 8, 2013

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

09:39 – I just made a pot of Earl Grey tea. Our highs over the next few days are to be around 18C, with lows around 10C. That’s cool enough to be drinking tea.

The other night I tried to play a YouTube video. It worked fine, except there was no sound. At first, I though it was just me. But then I tried with two different browsers on my system and on Barbara’s. None of them had sound on YouTube, although sound worked fine on everything else. As it turns out, the problem is YouTube’s. They’ve screwed things up, and there are numerous complaints about it all over the web. Each time I start a new video, the sound level in the YouTube player is turned down to zero. It’s easy enough to fix for that video, but the fix is not persistent. YouTube says they’re working on it.

We’re in pretty good shape on kit inventory, so I’m devoting some time to working on the earth science kit manual. I’m going to design it so that it can be used for a middle-school level earth & space science lab course or as a high-school level physical geology and astronomy lab course. I already have samples of rock, mineral, and fossil specimens on the way in, and I hope we’ll be able to ship the first batch of 30 or 60 kits in time for summer session 2014.

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