Day: October 15, 2013

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

09:29 – We finished watching series 8 of Bones on Netflix streaming last night. Series 1 was, as I recall, pretty decent. It was a serious fictional forensics series, and they usually got the science pretty much right. It started to go downhill fast in series 2 and 3. IIRC, I downgraded my rating from three stars to one star around the beginning of series 3, and ever since I’ve been wishing I could award it negative stars. For the last several series, the writing has been horrible. Not just getting the science laughably wrong. The plots are horrible, as are the characterizations. The dialog is the worst part. The writers apparently pick words at random from a science dictionary and string them together into nonsensical phrases. The dialog will peg the bogosity meter of anyone who has even a minimal background in science, any kind of science.

I’d have stopped watching it in series 2 or 3, but Barbara likes to watch David Boreanaz. I understand. I’d watch something even worse if it featured Emily VanCamp. In fact, I have watched something worse that featured Emily, albeit only a two-hour movie.

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