Tuesday, 1 October 2013

07:14 – The federal government is shut down, and I hope it stays that way. If the Republicans asked my advice, I’d tell them not to give an inch (2.54 cm). Obama and Reid aren’t the honorable opposition; they’re the enemy. Compromising with them and their Marxist agenda is tantamount to treason. Paul, Cruz, and the rest are American heroes. If this goes on, I expect Obama to show his true colors by having them arrested and hauled away in chains. And if that happens, we may yet see a military coup.

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  1. I agree 100%, but unfortunately I don’t expect a military coup. The Government has gutted the military command of any men of honor and has left behind a bunch of ‘yes’ men that will do their bidding. The fact that no one has paid for the Benghazi incident proves that.

  2. “I’d tell them not to give an inch (2.54 cm).”

    Reminds me of an old joke.

    One woman says to another:

    “I hate dating engineers. You give them a centimetre and they take a kilometre.”

  3. I see your point, but not all of them, surely? I’m sure there are a lot of time-servers, politicians, and yes-men in the general officers corps, but I have to believe that for all the Colin Powells there are at least a few Norman Schwarzkopfs.

    At any rate, I certainly hope things don’t get that far, but Obama is a Marxist zealot who believes he has a “mandate”. He doesn’t consider his job to lead; he considers it to rule.

  4. Every time I think of President Obama, I can’t help but think of these two quotes:

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” C. S. Lewis

    “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.” Thomas Paine

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  6. Armored thunderbolt? The Sherman was the worst tank that was deployed in any numbers by any of the combatants in Europe. The only saving grace was that it was deployed in huge numbers. There are many stories about a dozen or more Shermans taking on one Panther or Tiger. And losing. Oh, they might eventually kill the Panther or Tiger by ganging up on it, but for every dead Panther or Tiger there were often a dozen dead Shermans surrounding the hulk.

    From Wikipedia:

    “The Sherman gained grim nicknames like “Tommycooker” (by the Germans, who referred to British soldiers as “Tommies”; a tommy cooker was a World War I era trench stove). The British took to calling it the “Ronson”, the cigarette lighter which had the slogan “Lights up the first time, every time!” Polish tankers referred to it as “The Burning Grave”.[citation needed]

    Many think that the fires for which the Sherman is infamous were a result of its gasoline engine[citation needed]. Actually, most of the tanks of the time used gasoline engines. Fuel fires occasionally occurred, but such fires were far less common and less deadly than ammunition fires.[72] In many cases the fuel tank of the Sherman was found intact after a fire. Tankers describe “fierce, blinding jets of flame,” which is inconsistent with gasoline-related fires but fits cordite flash.[71]

    The armor of the Sherman comparatively to the Panther can be described by statements used in a report to General Eisenhower at SHAEF:

    I have actually seen ricochets go through an M4 at 3000 yards. I have seen HEAT fired from a 105mm Howitzer at a Mark V [Panther] at 400 yards. The track was hit and damaged, and a direct hit on the turret only chipped the paint.[73]”

  7. If only people had gotten out and voted against Obama, instead of continually complaining about him…

  8. Bill, you presume our elections are honest.

    Roy, I don’t know if the book is any good, but the title is pretty ridiculous. Of course, authors usually have no say about titles.

  9. If they aren’t, why are the people allowing it?

    We’re discovering that our politicians will actually do what we want, when we work together and tell them exactly what we want. The devil is in the working together part.

  10. ” Obama and Reid aren’t the honorable opposition; they’re the enemy. Compromising with them and their Marxist agenda is tantamount to treason.”

    Not immediately arresting them, along with many others, is tantamount to treason; the Repubs, i.e., the Stupid Half of the War Party, have been partners and enablers in the destruction of the American body politic. They are now irrelevant, and demographically toast, while having only themselves to blame.

    This “shutdown” itself means nothing; some services aren’t running today, a few Fed historic and national park sites. BFD. The corporate fascist oligarchy rolls on anyway and the drones are still flying and the NSA is still sucking up all communications. This is more circus and carnival fodder for the masses, fomented by the regime’s media stooges and lackeys.

    Some of our Canadian friends still think that elections and voting down here are actually genuine and can mean something, and that the way things might work in a province up there will automatically translate to this country, which has a whole different cultural and political background and is vastly more populous and well-armed. Such is not the case; our national elections have long been cynical and phony charades and voting only encourages the bastards and causes them to laugh at us openly now.

    If things get bad enough and the economy tanks for real, with stores empty and pieces of the Grid down, there will be massive civil unrest. And then if the regime responds with violent force, there will be either more massive unrest or a cowed and trembling populace. At some point, though, the regime won’t have the money anymore to keep itself afloat and at any point along this path some elements of the military may feel they have no choice but to step in, for national defense and security reasons.

    Running down to the polls in two years to pull the Repub or libertarian levers ain’t gonna amount to a piss-hole in the snow. The Barack Hussein regime or one of its Bolshevik variants is here to stay for a good long while now.

  11. I just read that SM piece in my email; yeah, we’re the richest country in the history of the world but now it’s mostly based on fiat currency and debt. Plus all the “mandatory entitlement” stuff, however that is defined, plus the endless wars in every generation that solve nothing. Our kids get mangled and killed and a generation later our enemies are our pals and our pals are our enemies, sorta like Orwell’s scenario.

    The last really justifiable “good” war that this country has had? None. Every one could have been avoided, whether through negotiation, diplomacy, bribery, whatever. Every single one. We had it dicked here; island nation, basically, protected by vast oceans and mountain ranges and mighty rivers. Stunning natural resources.

    Instead we got into it stupidly with the Indians, savages as brutal and mean as us, until we killed them off and it was downhill from there. The model back then should have been like it was between Squanto and Roger Williams. And continued as such, with us trading fairly and equitably with other sovereign nations and avoiding nasty wars at all times, unless directly attacked. Pearl Harbor? Could have been avoided. 9/11? Ditto.

  12. Oh for cryin’ out loud Davy, the reason the government laughs at you is because you let it. Simple as that.

    I’ve said this before, and apparently I’ll have to say it again. Democracy isn’t something you do every few years. You do it every day. Write letters. Show up at your various representatives and let them know your opinion. VOTE!

    Otherwise they’ll just keep piling taxes on taxes and laughing at you. You guys used to be the bastion of freedom for the world, and now you’re laughingstocks.

  13. Letters to them are actually read here in Vermont, Bill, and we can often bump into our senators and congressperson at the local supermarket. Nevertheless, the buggers work out of Mordor, where the vapors are toxic, and they do whatever they want and however it is done there, period. It’s that simple. Once they get there, we back here are but fleeting shadows. The only area where this actually has traction is with our town and county people, locally. We can show up at their front door and read them the riot act.

    At the national level it is a criminal enterprise and elections/voting is a total charade. We will continue letting them laugh at us, apparently, until the shit really hits the fan. It should also probably be noted that my political views are persona non grata and beyond the pale in this country now, although they used to be standard. So you can imagine, from the things I say here, how it goes over with the typical congress person or gummint official. I’m probably close to being arrested and disappeared.

  14. I trust y’all are suffering tremendously from the withdrawal of all them valuable guvmit services.

    What I find astounding is that only 800,000 federal employes are considered non-essential. I mean, as far as I can find out in the Internet, there are 5,000,000 employees. So “shutting down the government” means sending about 16% of the employees home.

    Leave em home, I don’t think anyone will miss them.

  15. And do you think any of them will not be paid? They’ll get every dime and never have to make up the time.

  16. Not only that, dkreck, but Fed employees will still get OT pay, holiday pay if any, and comp time off if they actually do have to work. No problemo, senor; Senor Taxpayer will shell out the pesos.

  17. Mr. OFD I think I read somewhere that the non-essentials sued every shutdown and got all their pay. Just a paid vacation for them.

  18. Just upgraded my Comcast connection to IP6. Computers on the LAN are getting IP4 and IP6 addresses. Big deal.

  19. Computers on the LAN are getting IP4 and IP6 addresses.

    I am supposing that you have a NAT box for your IPv4.

    Are you going to hang out there on the wild, wild, wild internet with your IPv6? My AT&T DSL routers both supported IPv6 in the box. I turned it off for now. Plus, my peplink 30 box does not do IPv6 yet.

  20. Wow. Network savants. I will keep this in mind.

    Just upgraded iPhone to 7.2. Everything is groovy.

    Now have three Windows 8 machines here, ha, ha. Frightening. Like the shutdown today.

    Also did initial check of our potential health care premiums per month; just the two of us old fahts and they range from $850 to $1,200/month, the latter being roughly the same as our house mortgage. Tomorrow me and Mrs. OFD, the health care professional of thirty years, will compare the plans. This all means zip, of course, as the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Of course we live in a small town with a large regional hospital and they have treated us very well so far, with no waits at all. Let’s see what happens if one of us gets really sick or hurt. Also looking into dental and vision coverage.

    News reports earlier today were that nobody could get onto the various health insurance sites, LOL. This was true here at first, but an hour later it was up OK; just very slow. I can’t imagine why.

  21. I am supposing that you have a NAT box for your IPv4.

    Yes, I have a NetGear router that I picked up at Costco. Dual band, guest network, USB storage support. Seems to work quite well with excellent range.

    Are you going to hang out there on the wild, wild, wild internet with your IPv6?

    Yep. The modem is only getting an IP6 address and is running in IP6 only. The router mentioned about is assigned an IP6 address and uses such to communicate with the modem.

    Why a cable modem, especially for home, would not supply an IP5 address in the 192.168.1.n range is beyond me. The modem is the interface to the outside world and anything on the downstream side has no real need of IP6. Perhaps it is because the clods that write the modem software don’t want to deal with address translation. Leave that to the router people.

    I wonder when we are going to have to transition to IP6 at work. We currently use the University of Tennessee network and they supposedly have a huge chunk of IP4 addresses assigned to them. When we do I will have to purchase a new firewall. I would be more satisfied if they would upgrade us to 1 gig instead of 100.

  22. Just upgraded iPhone to 7.2. Everything is groovy.

    Just upgraded iPhone to 7.02. Everything is groovy.

    Fixed it for you.

  23. Thanks, Ray. Sloppy on my paht. Senile, too.

    A bunch of places still have IP4 and will keep running hybrid nets accordingly for a good long while. At some point I’ll be futzing around with the home net again here, due to more machines and the configs thereof for various projects, all of which will be useless when the Grid goes down. Oh wait—someone keeps saying it won’t. OK.

    As for Vinegar John, aka Liveshot, Kerry, the Ketchup King, he has always been a scheming, conniving little shit of a rich kid, who basically skated in ‘Nam, left early, and then phonied up his service record and decorations and has been in politics ever since. He and his ilk in Congress have no problem signing away our national sovereignty and couldn’t care less about this country, other than holding most of its citizens in contempt. There will be a reckoning.

  24. OK, why are we dropping the v from IPv4 and IPv6? Was there a meeting that I missed again?

    I am fairly sure that no one uses IPv5 as it was an attempt at a new broadcast protocol:

    BTW, my new AT&T Uverse DSL modems (two at office, one at home) all came with 100 mb/s four port switches and some form of wifi that seems to work OK. For my video boxen at home, I use powerline ethernet connections back to the DSL ethernet switch. Works extremely well at 18 mb/s at home. The office DSLs are 12 mb/s since we are 6,000 ft away from the CO (the 18 DSLAM only works out to 5,000 ft).

  25. OK, why are we dropping the v from IPv4 and IPv6?

    Because I was lazy and mistyped.

  26. OK, why are we dropping the v from IPv4 and IPv6?

    Because I was lazy and mistyped.

    No no no. What Ray meant to say was, in light of the government shutdown and the debt ceiling funding crisis, he’s trying to save the NSA some money by reducing the size of his comment and therefore the storage requirements for them to record that traffic and therefore their costs.

  27. Are you going to hang out there on the wild, wild, wild internet with your IPv6?

    Yep. The modem is only getting an IP6 address and is running in IP6 only. The router mentioned about is assigned an IP6 address and uses such to communicate with the modem.

    You do know that NAT only works on IPv4? IPv6 does not do NAT and all of your devices, not just your router, are live on the net. People are out there right now pinging the ports on all your networked devices. You can test your IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity at:

  28. “IPv6 does not do NAT and all of your devices, not just your router, are live on the net.”

    Well, yes and no. Using IPv6 does not mean that you throw away your firewall. However, the role of the firewall becomes very different: it now needs to know which devices should be allowed access to the Internet, which ones should be able to receive traffic, what traffic is allowed, etc..

    NAT is a quick’n’dirty solution, and also a PITA. Just yesterday I had a problem I couldn’t solve: Two devices on two different NAT networks (192.168.0.* and 10.0.0.*) but within the same larger LAN need to communicate with each other. With IPv6, you can have multiple IP addresses for the same network interface, so I could just put one of the devices on both private subnets. With IPv4, short of reworking the whole bloody network, this seems to simply be insoluble.

    I haven’t yet made the jump to IPv6, because I don’t currently have the time to get into all the details. While it will be a lot more flexible, getting a good setup looks to be a lot more complex.

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