Day: July 18, 2013

Thursday, 18 July 2013

07:44 – Despite our best efforts, we’ve been in OMGWO inventory mode on kits for the last few weeks. We get down to one or two kits of a particular type in stock. I think to myself that we’d better restock, but have other things occupying my time. Then someone orders the last kit, and I think to myself that we really, really need to build more. Then an order comes in for a kit we’re out of stock on, and I drop everything to build another batch. So far, we haven’t had to delay shipping any order because we were out of stock, but it’s come close.

It’s happening again. I got an order overnight for a biology kit with the core prepared slides set. We currently have 38 of the biology kits in stock, but only two of the prepared slides sets. So today I’ll build 30 more of the slide sets. We’re also down to only 16 of the CK01A chemistry kits, so I’ll get started today on another batch of 30 or 60 of those.

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