Day: July 24, 2013

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

12:48 – When Danny delivered the mail yesterday, I asked him about some of the stuff I mentioned here yesterday. He said that as far as he knew anyone could get delivery to a curbside box, even if there was a CBU in the neighborhood. He thinks CBUs are insecure, curbside boxes somewhat more secure, and porch boxes most secure of all. Apparently there are frequent thefts from CBUs, probably because it’s not obvious that the thief has no business there. Theft from curbside boxes is less common, probably because the thief is in plain sight and it’s obvious to neighbors that he’s messing with a box he doesn’t own. Theft from porch boxes is still less common because the thief has to walk right up to the porch to steal the mail.

Other than Kastle-Meyer reagent, which we store refrigerated and add individually at ship time, we have plenty of inventory of the FK01A core forensic science kits, but we’re nearly out of stock on the FK01B and FK01C supplement kits. Time to build more of those. I’ll probably do only 15 or 20 of each, because at least half of the orders for forensic kits are for the core kit only.

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