Day: July 16, 2013

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

09:54 – Kit sales have been slower than expected for the last month or so. Yesterday was the first time in a month that we shipped five kits in one day. Our original goal for 2013 was to double 2012 units and revenue. For a while earlier this year, it looked like we might quadruple sales year-on-year, and that may still happen. But even if it doesn’t, doubling or tripling sales year-on-year is nothing to complain about.

Yesterday, we shipped the last CK01B chemistry kit we had in stock, so I spent some time building another batch. That puts us in good shape on both chemistry kits, the biology kit, and the life science kit. But we also just shipped the last forensic science kit we had in stock, so today I’ll build another batch of those.

10:38 – Interesting juxtaposition. One of the front-page stories in this morning’s paper was about Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center here in Winston-Salem. US News & World Report recently completed a study that evaluated 4,806 hospitals nation-wide on 16 aspects of adult care. The top tier for each of the categories was defined as being in the top 50 of all hospitals evaluated. Only 147 hospitals (3%) had a top-tier rating in even one of the 16 categories. Wake Forest had top-tier ratings in 12 of the 16 categories. Among North Carolina hospitals, only Duke University Medical Center did better, with 13 top-tier ratings. Nationwide, only 12 hospitals had more top-tier ratings than Wake Forest.

So then, as usual, I headed for my office and checked my regular on-line news sites, starting with Their front page story was about Britain’s National Health Service: NHS inquiry: thousands of patients died amid ‘fundamental breaches of care’

Of course, no one in Britain uses the NHS if they can possibly afford to go private, but even so. Numerous NHS patients have died as a result of unspeakably abysmal care. NHS has literally allowed many patients to starve to death or die of thirst because they literally forgot to feed and water them. You probably think I’m exaggerating. I’m not. And this is exactly what our president wants us to have. ObamaCare is just another word for NHS.

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