Day: September 8, 2021

Wed. Sept. 8, 2021 – mom’s birthday, among other things

Hot and humid, but the forecast calls for a lack of rain for the next three days at least. It was less hot yesterday than almost any day in the past month. Saturated humidity level though, and that was still pretty unpleasant. My wet buckets did not dry.

Took D1 to get her teeth tweeked. Did my pickups, hit the Goodwill outlet near me and the one near the airport. Got about 20 CDs and about 30 DVDs to add to the collection. I like to own media. Got some discs I really wanted too. I also picked up two laserdiscs. They are only worth about $3 on ebay, but I grabbed them for my very slapdash ‘museum of forgotten media formats’. They didn’t cost much and aren’t huge.

I got a bunch of appliance parts and accessories for ebay. Things like the water tank and cover from a Keureg coffee machine sell quickly and for good money considering their size and what they are. I need to get a bunch of stuff listed. I may work on that this morning for a bit. I need to check out the coffee makers I grabbed too, and make a decision to either list, fix, or part them out. Loading up a few more bins for auction is on the list as well.

Passed on all the items I was watching last night. It may sound like I’m buying a bunch of stuff while moaning about having too much stuff, but I’m trying to adjust the RATIO of the stuff. I want to get rid of the stuff that’s been sitting around, not selling, and replace it with either quick sellers, or stuff for the household. A box of Jeep CJ parts isn’t helping me, a couple of child gates will.

So I better get to it. Nothing is getting better in the world, clock is still ticking.

Keep stacking.


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