Day: September 11, 2021

Sat. Sept. 11, 2021 – and yet life goes on

Slightly cooler, and less humid, with sun and little chance of rain. REALLY nice in the shade with a breeze. Anyway, that was yesterday and what I’m hoping for today.

Got my plumbing repair done. For the record, yes. You do need to shut off the water before removing the screws holding the shower mixing valve in place. You really do. Took about half an hour start to finish and was very straightforward. The youtube video called out the only tricky part (not getting the old O rings out, or not getting the new ones in place) so it was easy to do.

Got some more stuff into bins for the local auctioneer, and got several bins dropped off.

Went back to storage and sorted through even more stuff.

Put a few items up on ebay, as a test. I never used my phone to list, but a youtuber I really like watching says he does all his listing from the phone. His product mix is different from mine, but for common items that have upc codes or are otherwise easy to find on ebay, the phone app works pretty well. It saves a couple of steps involving picture handling, and it fills more of the listing form for you. It isn’t great for entering a lot of text if your description is long. So far, I’ve just used it for a couple of books, games, and DVDs. I’ve already got 2 lowball offers on one of the game disks*, so it works.

You never know what you’ll find at the Goodwill Outlet stores. Two days ago I grabbed 10 pounds of costume jewelry for $15. I’ll make that back easy with the bakelite bracelets and still have a pile of stuff for my Halloween pirates’ booty. Yesterday I grabbed a B & W powered subwoofer that originally sold for $1400 and people are still asking $500-700 online for used ones. It’s a heavy SOB so I paid up for it. Still, should be a nice score. In the last week I found a $1500 coffee maker, nike watch, vintage sportswear, and tons of books for the kids. Gub accessories and reference books too.

Now I need to get it sold. I’ve already listed some, and taken a bunch to the auction. Some recent scores will bulk out the bins of other stuff that I’m selling that way. BTW, the auctioneer is still happy to get more from me, including some of the industrial stuff. He’s the first of them that actually meant it when he said “bring it all.”

Non-prepping hobby meeting today, so I’ll be offline until noon-ish. Mostly I think we’ll be doing ‘show and tell’ for stuff we swapped around at our show last weekend. Should be fun.

I really hope the islamic terrorists are content to carve up Afghanistan for a while and don’t have anything planned for today. It’s a big day for them too, so if you’re out and about, keep your awareness up. Self radicalized ‘lone wolves’, or an organized plan, an attack is overdue. Never forget. Never forgive.

Go to the store and buy some stuff. Stack it high.


*sold it for listing price while I was writing this post. Now if I could do that for some big ticket items…

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Sat. Sept. 11, 2021 – Never forget. Never forgive.

20 years. I was in the Meadowlands, about 8 miles from Ground Zero. Some parts of it are clear as day in my memory, and some have faded. I still find it difficult to talk about the day. OFD said it was PTSD. If that means a strange mix of sadness and anger, a tendency to well up and choke up whenever I think about it too hard, or try to talk about it, then it must be true for me and about a couple hundred million other folks.

Never forget. Never forgive.


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