Day: September 2, 2021

Thur. Sept. 2, 2021 – lots of errands today

Hot and humid, some chance of rain. It got hot and humid pretty quickly yesterday. I was going to wait until evening to cut the grass but the massive thunder had me rushing to get it cut before it got wet again. And then after rushing to cut it in the 97F heat, it never did rain on me. It did rain on some people. Not me though. Some cool rain would have been nice. It’s a good thing I got it cut, another 10 minutes of growth and I couldn’t have pushed the mower through it. Speaking of hot, still 83F at midnight.

Did much less in the morning than I hoped. Sick child was part of that, but I was crazy tired. Fell asleep in my office chair. I haven’t been getting enough sleep and it’s catching up with me. I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier and having a bit of success, but not enough. I wake after 5 hours so that should give you an idea of what “not enough” means to me. Sometimes I can catch up on weekends, but I’ve been crazy busy the last couple so no extra sleep for me.

So after slacking in the morning, I did household stuff in the afternoon. Cleaned up the dead rat, moved some stuff around. Made dinner. Not super productive.

Today is crazy though. D1 to foot doc followup then to school in the morning. D2 to be picked up early from school an hour later. She was feeling much better after sleeping most of the day, so she’s back to school for a short day. No idea why the district has a half day on the Thursday before a long weekend and then a full day on Friday. I’m guessing it’s because then their teachers would do a bunk and skip whatever they’re doing to make their weekend longer. Just another example of the district doing what’s in their interest and not in mine.

If I can I’ll do a drop off of auction stuff. If not, I’ll put it in more bins and stack it higher. Since I’ll have D2 home with me, she may just have to accompany me on my errands.

Not much in the auctions for pickup this week as I was busy all weekend. It’s a weird change not having a bunch of pickups to do during the week. Only one ‘hang over’ needful thing still to pickup from 2 weeks ago and I may have him just ship it so I don’t have to find time to drive to Rosenberg. If I was honest in the beginning, I’d have paid the $25 and had it shipped two weeks ago. It’s only about a 2 hour round trip, but time is what I don’t have (motivation either,but that’s different) at the moment.

Haven’t been over to my secondary in a while either, and that project needs to progress. Isn’t happening today in any meaningful way though I might get some stuff dropped off there.

Always so much to do, and the world gets weirder every day. Don’t delay, prep today ! ! !

Stacks won’t hurt, but I’m beginning to think they better be hidden. And dispersed. ‘Cuz someone else might want them too, and they might bring more friends than you can shoot.

Stack it high, and in a bunch of places.


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