Day: June 21, 2021

Mon. June 21, 2021 – might as well be in Houston…

Hot and humid with a chance of thunderstorms. Just like home. It was not so bad in the shade during the 90+F day and not bad at all lounging in the pool. Sun came out for most of the day too, and THAT was pretty hot… Today should be more of the same.

I spent the day relaxing, reading, and eating. It was a good day. Reports from our dog watcher are good so far with the little guy fitting in and doing well with the other dogs.

A quick look at the news shows increasing violence, with Chicago leading the way. Big cities are going to get worse. Some smaller cities too. I don’t think the current violence is because of the current events, it’s because previous violence has been met with indifference or encouragement. The behavior is self-reinforcing.

Today I will probably do some grocery shopping. I’d like to get a bin of long term storage food stashed here like I did in Michigan. The museum we were looking at close by isn’t open today, and the beach trip yesterday got all the girls a nice bit of sunburn. I think today will be low key as a result.

And still the world turns.

Make a plan. Work your plan. Keep stacking.


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