Day: January 31, 2021

Sun. Jan. 31, 2021 – still not done with January…

Cool and clear today, if the forecast holds.  It was misty drizzle in places Saturday, and warmed up significantly.  It was 68F when I went to bed.

I did my pickups, got some cleaning in at my secondary.  Co-incidentally found my stored pool shock/powdered bleach… and put my hands in it.  I was cleaning up some rags and discovered it mixed in.  The bags had broken down and it got wet with something that made it gel.  I’m pretty sure the liquid was a theatrical flame retardant, since that jug was above the bleach, and was empty.   I had to rinse and wash my hands several times, but I think the gel actually stopped me from getting any real burns.  I’ll have to replace the pool shock now.  No wonder the nearby steel was so rusted.  That stuff is 4377 on ferrous metal, even from a distance.  I had forgotten where I put it, and even though I was thinking about it last week, I wouldn’t have ever looked where it was.  There’s a lesson there I’m sure.

I also managed to get a few more things together for both auctions next week.

Today should be clear, and it’s the last day for me to get my stuff in order and get my forklift stowed away in my own area.  That’s gonna take some time, and a lot of ‘tetris’ with moving stuff to move other stuff.  Hopefully I get it done with enough time to do something in the garden.

There are a host of other things piling up too.  Having a couple of clear days in a row will help knock that list down.

There is always something more to do.  It’s a journey, not a destination.  Keep stacking.




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