Day: January 9, 2021

Sat. Jan. 9, 2021 – so much bad stuff coming down the pike

Cold, and maybe wet too.  Can’t wait to find out.

Cold all day Friday.  I wore long pants and a fleece jacket except when I was active.  Chilly willy.  39F when I went to bed.

I did make my drop off.  I’ve made arrangements for another load of stuff on Monday or Tuesday too.

Today I’ve got all the usual weekend stuff, plus taking down the Christmas decor if it’s not wet out.  I’ve got a couple of pickups too.  They are radio related items so they do still fit into my new restrictions on what I’m buying.  It needs to contribute to our survival, or be immediately re-sellable to contribute to our economic survival.  I’ll probably stretch those rules but that is my new baseline.

I don’t know what the timeline is but I feel like it’s getting shorter.  The cries for retribution against the right will not get quieter after the inauguration.   If anything they’ll get louder.  They have already called for Trump’s resignation, arrest, prosecution, and have shut off his access to the social media that was his counter to the MSM and a way to go directly to the people without filter.  There have been calls to expel the congressmen who supported OUR SITTING PRESIDENT.  There are calls to go after their families- with law-fare at this point.  There have been calls to ‘cleanse’ America of Trump supporters.  To re-educate them.   To deplatform, hound out of work, and attack in their homes.  THAT MEANS ME by the way.

I’m taking this very personally.  I didn’t LIKE Trump, but I SUPPORTED him.  That means that it’s ME and MY family that they are howling for.  Many of you  too.  It’s not some straw man or the imaginary boogie man, it’s YOU- Trump supporter.  And demagogues rarely indulge in subtlety.  They are really more ‘all or nothing’.    If you showed ANY support at any time for any reason, they mean YOU.  Sure, it’s not all of them, but you don’t have to worry about the ones that DON’T hate you, there are plenty that do.   And a whole bunch of people are going to hate you when the economy collapses because you supported the bad man who DESTROYED AMERICA ON THE WORST DAY EVER.  I sure hope I’m wrong, but I haven’t lived here on the Gulf just ‘hoping’ the hurricanes wouldn’t come.

The flip side of this howling for blood from the left is 70 MILLION voters who think their votes were negated, and an election stolen.  IT DOESN’T MATTER IF IT’S TRUE.  I see elsewhere and even here people still going back and forth over this point.  It’s DONE and it no longer matters that YOU don’t think there was fraud.  A REALLY BIG percentage of those 70 million DO.  THEY ARE GOING TO ACT as if it IS TRUE.   I really can’t emphasize enough that the time for debate is over.  Accept the fact the election was stolen or don’t, it doesn’t matter.   What matters NOW is the continued belief that it was, and the actions of the left as they seize any opportunity to attack the right while they have a chance.

We’ve already seen that the left has boots on the ground that are willing and able to commit violence.  We’ve seen neighborhoods destroyed, buildings burned, cops attacked with projectiles, fire, blinding weapons, chemicals, and explosives.  In 2018 we saw them occupy the very same capitol building, only with hundreds of people, to intimidate lawmakers.  They have been gearing up for this time for YEARS.  They see this as the culmination of their hard work and sacrifice.   They WANT this craziness.

What you may or may not understand is the way a large number of those 70 million Trump voters feel.  In addition to seeing the left attack everything they hold dear and GET AWAY WITH IT, they feel like this commentor over at Aesop’s…

DeWalt said…

Watched a young Air Force vet, a woman and mother get executed by some coward because she thought she should stand up for her country, for her oath.

Four tours of duty and she died drowning in her own blood on the floor in the nations capital that she Honorably served. Words escape me.

If you are more prepper, or programmer than “patriot” (here on the web) you might not know the history and ideas that are prevalent in the ‘patriot movement’, 3%ers, Oathkeepers, militia, or other parts of the ‘liberty-sphere’.   If you can’t discuss Randy Weaver and Ruby Ridge, David Koresh and the ATF at Waco (without mentioning religion or the word ‘cult’), and Ammon Bundy and the Malheur Wildlife Refuge; and you don’t understand why the deaths in these places, by the hands of our government, ENRAGE those people, you need to do some reading.  You need the context.  You need to at least be aware of the Venn diagram for these groups and their shared narrative.   Otherwise, you might not believe the warnings. 

One guy had all of LA county’s LEOs running around like their pants were on fire, shooting up innocents.   Two guys had the DC area living in fear of catching a random sniper round.  One guy in Dallas killed five cops and injured 9 others and two civilians.  Two guys and some fireworks packed into a pot killed 3, wounded over 250 more and triggered authorities to throw any notion that the people of Boston were citizens with rights into the trash.  I could go on in this vein for PAGES.

If ONE TENTH of ONE PERCENT of that 70 million decide to act, all hell will break loose.  Do the math.  It’s nearly 1 in 10 for every  sworn law enforcement officer IN THE ENTIRE NATION.  So, what’s 1% of 70 million?  Think there won’t be violence?  How long will it be, before those numbers start to sink in for the people inclined to act?

When I hear people calling for me and my neighbors to be hounded out of work, school, and the public square; to be ‘cleansed’ from America; to be denied a representative in government; I BELIEVE THEM.  I BELIEVE THAT IS IN FACT WHAT THEY WANT.  I believe that they will DO IT if they have the power.

That’s the question then.  Do they have the power?  If not, can we count on them not getting it in the future?

This has focused my mind tremendously.  On top of all the other cr@p that 2020 dumped on us, now we have this.  Think HARD about what it means to you personally to be a potential target of the howling mob.   Get yourself ready.  Decide what you need and keep stacking it.


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