Day: January 5, 2021

Tues. Jan. 5, 2021 – nuthin’ ta do Abe, nuthin’ ta do…

Nice and sunny, reasonably warm and some breeze.  That is my fervent wish anyway.   Basically I want it to be just like yesterday.

Monday I got a slow start to my week.   Kids were home, wife was home, and my plan was to not be home.   I did my instacart orders from Costco and HEB.   No bulk meat this order.  Prices were a bit high.   I did try to buy a turkey from Costco, but once again they were out when the buyer actually tried to get one.     I was supposed to head out after that, but for ‘reasons’ it took longer than I wanted to to get clear of the house.

Once out and about one of my tasks was to meet with my barber and pick up some things.  He was trying to sell some stuff for me (we split the proceeds) and then wuflu hit, and anyway, it was time for me to get the stuff out of his store.  I’ve been going to him regularly for about 18 years now, and consider him a friend.  He’s pretty well connected in the community as he was born and raised and lived his whole life in the area.  Anyway.  He said almost all of his extended family have caught the covid now.  He had it in April, before re-opening his shop.   He’s lost 5 members of his extended family to it since then.  Many of his family had classic symptoms but no hospital and no tests.  That means they weren’t counted.  Something to keep in mind when complaining about all the extra deaths and cases in the totals,  is that there are a bunch that aren’t being counted either.

Anecdotally and locally, we are being told that our hospitals have plenty of capacity, but patients are being diverted to as far away as San Antonio according to neighborhood red bus drivers.  They also might have to wait in the back much longer than normal before being admitted.

Shifting gears, January 6 is going to be an interesting day in DC.  It should be a great opportunity to collect some intel and see first hand what 2021 might look like.  I think I’d recommend Ol Remus’ advice, Avoid  crowds.  And the venerable, don’t stand next to the guy doing stupid sh!t, or some might spatter on you…   If anyone here does go, or gets a first hand account, if you can write it up and email me, I’ll put it up.

Today both kids are going to start “in person” learning for the Spring semester.   That will give me some more time to get out of the house, but will also mean being back in time to get youngest from the indoctrination center when her daily session is over.  My wife will be seeing they get to their schools in the morning.   Specifically today I’ll be headed back over to my secondary location for more cleaning, scrapping, and throwing out… so I’ll be AFK for most of the afternoon.

We may have a few new readers join us, Commander Zero kindly added our little part of the intarwebs to his blogroll.  Please make them welcome if I’m not around.

Bonus geek points if you know what I’m quoting in the post title…





(ps.  Keep stacking.)

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