Day: January 6, 2021

Wed. Jan. 6, 2021 – some stuff happening. Some stuff not happening.

Moderate temps, decent weather.   Well, yesterday and tomorrow, but the national map was calling for rain in Houston.   I will wait and see.

Spent part of the day yesterday doing auction stuff.  Went to my industrial auctioneer and got him to take some more stuff.  I’ll be delivering a pickup or two Thursday or Friday.  I went and made a mental list of what would fit, and I’ve got enough stuff for two loads, easy.

Today I’m supposed to take a few more bins to my other local auctioneer.  I have NO TROUBLE AT ALL filling those bins.  I’m going to add some of the Mr Buddy heaters I picked up last year that didn’t sell.  They should do a lot better now than in June.

Spoke to my troublesome neighbor last night.  They’re moving out.  He has a conflict with the landlord.   I get the feeling he has conflicts with people all the time.   The landlord is a nice guy, but hates the house for emotional reasons, and really doesn’t want to be a landlord.  He should sell it and be free, but he won’t.   FWIW, if you remember the weird incident with the ‘contractor’ in the front yard and then climbing up onto the roof?  The landlord says it wasn’t his guy.  So some stranger was just hanging out in the yard, and then got up on the roof?  Yeah, the camera pointed that way just moved to the top of my ‘do this next time you are at home long enough’ list.  The license plate camera and bluetooth logger are moving up the list too.


I don’t have anything at all to say about the DC ‘meetup’ from a philosophical point of view.   I’m going to be busy but will try to check the sites to see what’s going on throughout the day.  I don’t think there is anything good that can come from this.  A whole bunch of people are about to get entries in their files, and a bunch will be getting files for the first time.  Some others are probably going to need stitches and dental work before this is done.  Avoid crowds.

Camo and group maneuvers in the field aren’t going to be the way forward.  Grey men, snipers, arsonists, and most of all partisans are probably the way to go if you are inclined toward action.    Paris or Ireland, not Red Dawn.  And it won’t be long before someone moving around without a cell phone will get highlighted automatically, and moving around WITH a cell phone will be just stupid.   It’s wouldn’t be impossible, but I’m thinking Bracken’s idea of one person, one action, and then never again is the only way to do it.  I’m not advocating it, just making an observation.  You will need to stay aware of what’s going on around you so you don’t get stuck in the middle.  One way or another, we’re past the point where this can  end without bloodshed.

Interestingly, in a  sort of ‘meta’ way, SUDDENLY the alt-right blogosphere seems to have woken up to the idea that the cops are probably not going to be on the side of light in what comes.    Hmm.  Coulda told ’em that.  “Remember that the people hiding Anne Frank were breaking the law, and the people who turned her in were upholding it.”

And isn’t that a cheery way to start the day?

Keep stacking.  Really.


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