Day: September 7, 2020

Mon. Sept. 7, 2020 – Labor Day

Hot-ish and humid.  Maybe rain.

Got some rain yesterday.   Lots in the afternoon.  Buckets full.  By late last night it was down to 76F.  Shockingly low temp.  We may be over the hump of summer and on the downward slide toward “winter”.

I reported on my trip to the grocery store yesterday.  Basically, most of the stuff that wasn’t in stock before is now, but selection is down, quantities seem to be down, and there were gaps on the shelves.  Prices seem to be half again, or double what they were before this all started.   I took the opportunity to hand pick my veggies, and to load up on some other stuff.

For what it’s worth, 45 pounds of sugar fits in a 5 gallon bucket.

And I think I’m set for cake mixes for a while.

Plans for the day?  Same as every day Pinky, ….


Keep stacking,




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