Day: September 8, 2020

Tues. Sept. 8, 2020 – now that we’re past the socialist day, time to get to work

Cooler today?  Maybe, but I bet it’s just as humid.  And two storms shaping up for later.  Rain in the national forecast, but sure to be “locally heavy” here in Houston.

Didn’t make much forward progress yesterday.  My sciatica has responded well to stretching, and I’m feeling almost normal there, so of course I woke up with a serious crimp in my neck.   That kept me from going gangbusters all day.  Kids watched movies.  Wife cleaned house.  I drained the pool cover, twice.  Tried to cut the grass but the gas I put in the mower was about 1/3 water, and then the rain came.  High wind, heavy downpour, then it all just ended.   Drained the mower, refilled with clean gas (one storage can was contaminated and I didn’t notice) and started it right up, but by then it was too late to mow and the grass was too wet.

I did fix a couple of toys.  Super glue is my friend.  I also did a tiny bit of clean up in the garage.  Pulled some things out of the pile to address domestic bliss.  Child two wanted a wallet for her cash money.  Daddy do you have any spare wallets?  Why yes child I do.  (wife looking on in completely inscrutable fashion, is she pleased? Pissed? Astounded?  No idea, but I solved child’s problem in minutes.) The other thing was some particular cables for whatever my wife is doing with the kids’ computers.

I’ve been picking up leather objects when they are so cheap as to be free, so I’d have some leather for crafting and a couple of projects I want to try.  I’ve got a nice bin full of different leather stuff, old purses, bags,  wallets, portfolios, belts,  etc. from the Goodwill or estates.  The wallet was Coach, had a great patina, and cleaned up in a few minutes.  Really it was too nice to cut up anyway.  You can get a lot of leather from a coat, or a computer bag… and where else would you go to get some small pieces of leather?



It’ll be interesting to see if the insurgents took their socialist holiday off of rioting… but I bet not.  I’ve only seen a couple of reports of violence over the weekend but most reporters probably took the long weekend off.

I don’t think the genie will be going back into the bottle,  there is too much fun in breaking stuff, and too few consequences.

It’s a lot harder to build than break and once broken, there’s a lot of stuff that won’t ever be put back together.  There’s a lot of stuff that is only still here because of inertia that can’t be put back.  Social trust being one of those things.   BLM is doing a good job of ‘scaring the straights’.  I don’t think they’re going to like it when fear turns to anger.  And a whole bunch of otherwise good folks are going to be hurt when that happens, because it’s easy to see skin color.  On the other hand, it’s a bit like muslim terrorists, if you don’t want to be tarred with the same brush, you better stand up and get loud.

I don’t see much in the way of reconciliation until after the bloodbath.

So keep stacking, and stay away from crowds.




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