Day: September 3, 2020

Thur. Sep 3, 2020 – just another, just another day ay aay, just another…

(er….not August, Nick….I fixed it….RickH)

Hot, humid and overcast.  National forecast shows possibility of T Storms.

I got very little done yesterday.  Picked up some things.  Unburied some stuff at my secondary to take to auction.  One of the things I picked up and then stored away was incandescent light bulbs.  Yup, I buy them if I can get them cheap and in bulk.  There are places I really just like the light from the bulbs and they are getting harder to find.  These are “rough service” and fit through an exception in the eco wienie law so they’re not truly ‘unobtainium’ but getting 2oo clear bulbs for $2 was too good to pass up.  I got some others in a variety of wattages too.  Incans don’t last very long, so you need replacements.  Another long term consideration, they work just as well on DC as AC.  That’s a very post-apoc consideration, but it is a small contributing factor.   I saw LOTS of small incan bulbs running off car batteries when I was in China, and I’ve seen pictures of the same thing in other countries.  Useful, basic, and cheap.  Naturally they need to be banned.

A bunch of purchases were delivered including parts for my gennie repairs, and two of the three items I ordered from Home Depot.  The lightweight bucket lids came UPS in one box.  The 10 food safe buckets came in one big box, and I’m still waiting for the box of 10 heavy duty lids.   The weird thing is, both of the Home Depot shipments were opened.  It’s like someone looked inside to decide if they wanted to steal them or not.  Strange.  I never get opened boxes so getting two in a row, from the same shipper was more than odd.

Today, if it’s not too hot and sunny, I’ll move some of the gennie repairs along.  With stuff shaping up in the Atlantic, we might be looking at some storms in a few days.  It’d be comforting to have a working gennie before then.

I did get my replacement laser printer in place and installed.  Took downloading the HP drivers.  Man, win8 sucked when it comes to included drivers.  It turns out that I did manage to install my wife’s canon inkjet to my win8 machine, but didn’t know it because the Canon install hung.  It took killing the process in Task Manager to get the error popup (failed remote procedure call) and then the machine blue screened and rebooted.  After reboot, I had the printer installed and usable.  No idea what failed or why it failed like it did.  The inkjet was free from a neighbor, and is an All in One with a scanner for the kids to use.  Some of their classwork needs to be scanned (or photographed) and uploaded.  Since we got rid of our HP all in one, at my wife’s insistence, I was a bit taken aback when she sought out a new all in one.  Grrr.  I had a huge bag of ink for the old one…

Vet decided that my little dog’s hearing loss is not complete, and is most likely natural aging.  She recommended doing all the ‘senior dog’ organ function tests.  I agreed.  We’re grid up, and it would be nice to know his status and if there is anything we can address.  She prescribed joint supplements, and gabapentin for pain as needed.  If MY joints hurt, his are likely to be hurting too, so give him a dose.  We’ll give it a try anyway for now and see what the labs say.

Elsewhere, the world continues it’s downward slide.  Still time to improve your situation.  Keep stacking… or find yourself lackin’.



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