Day: September 12, 2020

Sat. Sept. 12, 2020 – almost half way through the month

Hopefully, low 80s?  Still gonna be humid though.  And it would be nice if the rain holds off.

Yesterday was raining off and  on all day.  I got a brief time to prune the citrus trees a bit, and harvest my cabbage.  ONE golf ball sized head.  The others were doing well, but I let them dry out and they all died.  I need the bed for fall planting so I pulled it.  It’s cute.  Like a giant brussels sprout.  Not gonna feed the kids though.

I also took a look at my IR flood for the front yard.  It’s not working.  I determined that the psu is good, and then the rain came.  I’ll poke at it some more soon.  The flood for my driveway is a cheap ebay chinese one, and it’s been slowly dying for a while.  Finally enough of the IR leds are out that I just get a black picture at night.  It lasted surprisingly long for what I paid compared to a “real” name brand flood.  Given where it is, I’ll probably replace it with another china part.

Last weekend (or was it 2 weekends ago?), I washed the chimney and discovered some of the mortar had eroded and a couple of bricks were deteriorated.  I called a chimney guy to look at it and he came by  during one of the breaks in the rain.  He’s going to fill the joints, re-do the top seal, and anchor the cap.  Then he’ll seal the brick and mortar.  Surprisingly affordable, quick, and I don’t have to get up on the roof to do any of it.   At some point, we’ll have them get started on the roof too.  There is always maintenance that needs doing on a house.

All the normal things need to be done too.

I probably ought to get to it.



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