Day: May 14, 2017

Sunday, 14 May 2017

10:01 – It was 48.3F (9C) when I took Colin out at about 0645 this morning, sunny and calm. We had another inch or so (2.5 cm) of rain in the 24 hours ending yesterday afternoon.

Calligra seems to be fine for my purposes. The default theme was terrible. Hover-over tool tips, for example, were displayed at white text on a pale yellow background, making them unreadable. Switching themes cleared that up right away.

I haven’t tried it with a long document yet. The biggest I’ve edited with Calligra Words is listed on the bottom status line as 164 pages. It seems to work fine. I’m intrigued by another part of the suite, Calligra Author, which is described as an e-book editor. The only real difference I see between it and Words is that Author offers the ability to save-as epub. That seems like a pretty minor feature to justify calling Author a completely separate component.

Things are a bit disorganized here. We had to move a bunch of furniture out of the affected area downstairs, which is about 400 square feet (40 square meters). So we have tons of books and other stuff stacked in the unfinished area. The two downstairs bedrooms, which were affected only slightly (damp carpet right at the doorways, etc.) are also crammed full of stuff from the affected area. That makes it very difficult to get to anything, let alone add more.

There’s still about three person-months’ worth of dry bulk food on a cart out in the garage. Barbara picked it up on her Costco run a week or so ago, but we can’t repackage it until we can get to stuff like empty bottles, oxygen absorbers, etc. that are inaccessible in the main deep pantry downstairs. For the time being, we’ll move it into the laundry room upstairs until we have the time and supplies to repackage it.

Barbara said yesterday, “No more food, please.” Which is a fair request. We’re currently in pretty good shape on food, everything from dry bulk LTS stuff to canned goods, including meat. Enough to keep Barbara, Colin, Frances, Al, and me fed for a long time. As usually happens to serious preppers, the question becomes when is enough enough? We’re not at that point, yet, but we’re comfortable enough to take a break from adding more stuff other than incidentals.

Thinking about it this morning, I decided that we’re better-prepared than 99.99% of the general population and probably 99% of serious preppers. That’ll just have to do, for now.

Barbara announced a few days ago that she wanted to bake cookies this weekend, but when I asked this morning she said that could wait. She wants to make a chocolate cake instead, so that’s what we’ll be having for our evening snack.


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