Friday, 3 March 2017

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08:56 – It was 29.1F (-1.6C) when when I took Colin out this morning, with snow flurries and light winds. Barbara is off to the gym and supermarket this morning, and plans to take Bonnie, our next-door neighbor, out for lunch. Bonnie turns 89 years old today.

The SSD for Barbara’s notebook is supposed to show up with the mail this morning, so I’ll spend some time today getting her notebook running on the SSD with Linux Mint 18.1 LTS. I’ve been using the Cinnamon environment for years, but I think I’ll install the KDE version for Barbara since she’s used to MS Windows.

Finally. The price of powdered eggs skyrocketed when the chicken plague struck, and has stayed high since then. When I last bought powdered eggs, right before the plague, I paid $17.50 for a 33-ounce #10 can. Almost overnight, that price doubled, and finally reached about $50/can. It’s gradually declined since then, but as of even a week ago it was still at $27/can or so. When I checked Walmart yesterday around dinnertime, they had Augason #10 cans of powdered eggs for $12.99.

At first, I figured they were actually going to ship the #2.5 cans rather than the #10 cans they were advertising, but I checked Amazon, which also had the #10 cans for $12.99. Obviously, the new, much lower price of eggs has kicked in. So I ordered four more #10 cans, which is just under 24 dozen eggs.

Augason rates the shelf life as 10 years, but as usual that’s imaginary. I remember in 1979 spending the night with a prepper friend. The next morning, his wife made bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. After breakfast, he handed me a #10 can, which was military-issue from 1944. I’d just eaten 35-year-old eggs reconstituted from powder, but I noticed nothing out of the ordinary. I’m sure these Augason powdered eggs will be as good decades from now as they would be if I opened them today.

At $12.99 per can, if you need powdered eggs to add to your preps, now is the time to grab them. I’m not storing enough eggs to have scrambled egg breakfasts, but they’re also useful for cooking and baking.

* * * * *

09:58 – Here’s an interesting datum about the longevity of writable optical media. I just downloaded Linux Mint 18.1 (I decided on Cinnamon for Barbara because it’s not the pig that KDE is) and was looking around for a disc to burn it to. There was a stack of old Verbatim DVD+RW discs just lying in a pile, so I grabbed one. It had last been written on 14 May 2006, almost 11 years ago. It read fine. The last six digits of the checksum, which were all I’d recorded, checked out. I just wrote and verified LM to the disc without error. Understand, this pile of discs wasn’t even on a spindle, just a random disc I grabbed from a random pile of old discs. So maybe there’s hope for very old writable discs.

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  1. MrAtoz says:

    It’s fun watching the Redumblicans eat their own over Sessions. You’d thing they would rally the troops, circle the wagons, but, no. Idiots.

    And in goofy news, Sir Patrick Stewart, you know, the “actor”, is planning on applying for US Citizenship to “fight” President tRump. lol! In every country in the World but the US, his Visa would be pulled. Here: “Let’s expedite this great “actor’s” Citizenship. Give him immediate SS and Medicare benefits because he is a great “actor”. Come aboard.”

    You can’t make this stuff up. Our Immigration policy sucks dead bunnies.

  2. Greg Norton says:

    And in goofy news, Sir Patrick Stewart, you know, the “actor”, is planning on applying for US Citizenship to “fight” President tRump.

    I’m guessing this is a publicity stunt for “Logan” which starts in theaters today.

    It’ll put prog butts in seats for a movie they would ordinarily avoid. Otherwise, Patrick Stewart isn’t relevant to most people under 30. His run on “Star Trek TNG” ended before many of them were born, and that cast’s movie series ran out of gas more than a decade ago. Even X-Men has been iffy lately.

  3. Ed says:

    I actually had to get a file off a backup CD from a job I left in 2003. No problems.

  4. DadCooks says:

    If any of you are thinking about getting your own weather station, Amazon has some AcuRite systems on a pretty good sale today. I have a unit that I got from Costco, but if I was buying one today it would be this one:

  5. nick flandrey says:

    One of amazons delivery contractors just dropped off a package.

    Black guy, in plain clothes, not even an ID badge, with a Volvo sedan packed full of packages. I watched him fumble around in both sides of the back seat, then the front seat, with packages falling out onto the street for 3-5 minutes. His car was stuffed.

    This is the new ‘gig’ economy. Random guys with a car full of boxes making deliveries.

    Or random guys driving people around. Or random guys doing your term paper.

    Guess it’s a good thing I’ve been gigging my whole working life.


  6. RickH says:

    Re Accurite: just hit that link, and shows ‘unavailable’.

    I have an Accurite weather station I got from Costco. Had problems with the first display unit, had to badger the Accurite guys to get a replacement.

    Also had problems with their weather reporting software, and changed over to the version done by the guys that wrote the Accurite-branded version. Much better. Has been quite stable for over a year.

    And, WRT Windows: four Windows systems here: two new HP laptops (one has SSD/C drive, plus a 1GB spinner), one older HP laptop upgraded from Win7, and one desktop upgraded from Win7 (after adding a video card that Win10 supported; the desktop is about 6 years old but still runs as the backup to the laptops – and runs the CrashPlan software to auto-backup to the ‘cloud’).

    All work just fine. The three laptops are used daily (most of the day). The desktop’s job is to hold backups, and the software for the Accurite weather station.

  7. nick flandrey says:

    Doing the jobs Americans won’t do.

    Not like us.


    New details in alleged MS-13 ‘satanic’ killing of teen girl in Houston

    Two MS-13 gang members appear in Houston court where they hear charges read against them. The charges include kidnapping a teen girl, holding her hostage for several days, physically and sexually torturing her, holding her down and tattooing her body against her will, and ultimately killing her for insulting their cult god.”

    “Prosecutors said both men were living in the United States illegally.

    In general, Sturdivant said, “the majority of the MS-13 members we come into contact with are here illegally.” ”

    Note that this is ONE of THREE girls held in the apartment.

    THIS is why the illegals have to go. They provide support, victims, and a reservoir population to hide in.


  8. Greg Norton says:

    Understand, this pile of discs wasn’t even on a spindle, just a random disc I grabbed from a random pile of old discs. So maybe there’s hope for very old writable discs.

    I have a box of Sony DVD+RW with jewel cases that I’ve used repeatedy for … oh, now that I think about it, wow … around a decade. I think I’ve lost two over the years, but keep in mind that the media endured two cross country moves in 100+ degree trucks as well as normal wear and tear of multiple sesons of “Doctor Who” and, most recently “Westworld”.

    If you ever do have a problem with a DVD+RW, Mint and Fedora include dvd+rw-format as part of their respective basic installation sets. I use the “force” and “full” formatting options whenever a disc burns incorrectly.

    IIRC, DVD+RW has error correcting built into the medium. To some extent, “+” has fallen out of favor since “-” traditionally offered better compatibility with living room players, but I don’t think “+” vs. “-” has been a real issue since BluRay players largely supplanted DVD-only units on the shelves of Costco and Sam’s over the last few years.

  9. lynn says:

    IIRC, DVD+RW has error correcting built into the medium. To some extent, “+” has fallen out of favor since “-” traditionally offered better compatibility with living room players, but I don’t think “+” vs. “-” has been a real issue since BluRay players largely supplanted DVD-only units on the shelves of Costco and Sam’s over the last few years.

    Our local Sam’s Club does not even carry movies on DVD or Bluray anymore.

  10. Greg Norton says:

    Our local Sam’s Club does not even carry movies on DVD or Bluray anymore.

    I’m old. I like physical media. I’ll actually buy DVDs over BluRay discs to avoid the copy protection hassle.

    I tell students that DVD copy protection is what happens when you ask studio lawyers to do cryptography.

  11. Dave Hardy says:

    Cool! I just got an idea from Mr. Nick on a good contemporary job for me:

    Random Guy!

    I’ll be that Random Guy driving peeps around with a pile of packages in the back seat and trunk and I’ll write term papers by dictating them into my dashboard-mounted tablet or phone or whatever. Excellent!

    I’ll go tell wife now that we need a van or a crew-cab pickup truck.

    Meanwhile we have a chill factor weather advisory/warning for tonight and tomorrow, via temps falling to single digits and below zero. BFD. Overcast now. Back to household cleanup scut work.

  12. RickH says:

    WRT Microsoft Updates and rebooting, etc., I note this article from the

    Windows 10 Creators Update Will Give Users More Control Over Update Timing
    (March 1, 2017)

    The Windows 10 Creators Update, scheduled for release this spring, will introduce more flexibility for installing updates. Once an update has downloaded, users will be given three choices: install and reboot right away; schedule a time to install within the next three days; or snooze the alert.

    Read more in: Microsoft prepares new update options for Windows 10 Windows updates to become more reliable and predictable, with fewer surprise reboots

    Although I’ve never had ‘inappropriately timed’ reboots on my systems.

  13. JimL says:

    Well, this climate change stuff sucks. Kids’ ski program cancelled again due to lack of solid precipitation. I REALLY want to get some good cross country in this season.

    We have an alternative, though. Older two are entered in a pinewood derby. Cars go in for tech inspection tonight. First time any of us have done such a thing, so I guess we’ll find out as we go.

  14. Greg Norton says:

    I’ll be that Random Guy driving peeps around with a pile of packages in the back seat and trunk and I’ll write term papers by dictating them into my dashboard-mounted tablet or phone or whatever. Excellent!

    Actually write the term papers? That’s so 20th century.

    I imagine that the CFG can be adapted to do graduate English “Deconstruction”.

    (Is “Deconstruction” still a thing? I thought that the creator was revealed as a KGB agent paid to mess with Western education via dissemination of this crazy writing theories, but, of course, the last refuge of true Marx believers will be the Arts faculty offices on US college campuses.)

    Whether you write the papers or have a program generate the content, LaTeX is the key. The #1 thing I’ve learned as a Computer Science graduate student is that LaTeX makes complete cr*p look credible. You can install Texmaker on Mint, and that will pull in enough LaTeX to get you started in the academic paper writing business.

  15. Dave Hardy says:

    lol, I may try that, just for spare time giggles.

    Yes, the whole series of graduate English “theory” stuff comes from Marxist and neo-Marxist sources, mainly the so-called Frankfurt School, a long time ago. Like I’ve said here before, all this trashing of our public education, cultural institutions and the arts started in the 1930s, and it’s been almost a century now and they’ve basically won without firing a shot. Several generations of Murkans have now been thoroughly inculcated with this stuff and it’s their core belief system. Which is one reason we can’t reason with them; they operate in a different universe, a different dimension.

    You can undoubtedly still find it in various forms under labels like Deconstruction, Post-Structuralism, New Historicism, Feminism, French Feminism, Queer Theory, etc., etc. When I was a grad student in the English department at a very large Northeast university a quarter-century ago, we were required to take a “theory” course and encouraged to read and contribute to their critical theory “scholarly” journal. It was produced via a “collective,” so now you get the general drift of how it was back then. Ironically, on one of their other nearby campuses, Transaction Publishers was being run, and they’ve produced a long series of conservative POV books and papers in sociology and politics. I went over there to try to get some kind of gig at one point, and met the chief himself, Irving Louis Horowitz. A very nice guy, RIP, Irving. He had a b&w photo on the wall of Joan Baez sitting on his lap back in the Glorious Sixties.

    “Horowitz is noted for his 1994 work The Decomposition of Sociology, in which he argued that the discipline is in decline due to overly-ideological theory, a shift away from American sociology and toward European (particularly Marxist) trends, and an apparent lack of relevance to policy making: “The decomposition of sociology began when this great tradition became subject to ideological thinking, and an inferior tradition surfaced in the wake of totalitarian triumphs.”

    I’d met him while he was writing that book and I also met his wife, Mary Ellen; nice people, but no gig for me at the time. So I ended up at New Jersey Monthy magazine, run at the time by neocon Repubs.

    And they all operate from the same belief system playbook, whereas older generations and conservatives live in a variety of belief systems, whether religious, political or economic. While we fight and snipe and bitch at each other on this side; they don’t, generally. It’s the Elites versus us Normals, cities versus rural, etc.

  16. Dave Hardy says:

    “The wonder of centralized healthcare.”

    I went to that link and immediately got a plea for financial support taking up the screen and I closed that and got sent to a story about how vets are pissed at tRump for wearing a hat and a jacket on some Navy ship. And they brought up his five deferments during ‘Nam. I’d be interested in what Mr. DadCooks has to say, but I frankly don’t give a shit what jacket or hat he wears; my main concerns are yet another fucking war somewhere, maybe going nukular, and my 2A rights.

  17. SteveF says:

    Hmm. Sorry ’bout that. I hardly ever see popups, animated ads, and such, and hadn’t realized the Telegraph site was larded with them.

  18. MrAtoz says:

    I didn’t get a popup. Mac with Chrome.

    Ofukstik wore the same “uniform”. I’m sure BJ did, too. Nobody cared then and “nobody” cares now. The #fakenews MSM will carry anything to attack President tRump. Maybe we will get rid of some RINOs in 2018.

  19. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    No pop-ups here with Silk and some adblocker whose name I don’t recall.

  20. DadCooks says:

    No popups for me either; Firefox with Adblock Plus and IObit Surfing Protection & Ad Removal.

    WRT what MAGA Trump wore when on board the Gerald R Ford: just standard swag that any dignitary gets when visiting a U.S. Navy Ship; ship’s cap (this is an officers cap with the scrambled eggs on the bill (appropriate for the Commander In Chief) and it appears he is wearing a flight jacket with the patches of the wing attached to the ship.

    From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

    Making a dramatic entrance to the speech venue after touring the ship and meeting with officials above, Trump rode the carrier’s massive aircraft elevator down to the hangar level. Wearing an olive-green bomber jacket he had received after arriving on the ship, Trump also swapped out his iconic red hat for the navy-blue cap worn by the nearly completed ship’s crew.

    “It’s a great-looking hat,” Trump said. “Just like this is a great-looking ship.


  21. Dave Hardy says:

    A lot of the nooz sites have shitloads of popups and money-grubbing windows now and quite a few have pay walls, esp. the old-school newspapers that are dying on the vine. Good riddance to them all.

    Lose them, lose the tee-vee talking heads and endless ads, and man, you lose a lot of worthless noise bouncing around in your head. We keep telling the other vets who come in all upset and pissed off about shit to just quit watching and listening to it; it’s not doing anybody any good at all.

    I tell this to my brothers and I get “I just wanna keep track of what the assholes are saying and doing.” It’s not worth it, because I get their angry emails and I just know their BP is going through the roof and it’s more hours wasted out of their lives.

  22. Dave Hardy says:

    Here’s a stupid question for any other Amazon customers, whether you get stuff shipped to you via USPS or UPS:

    I suddenly (last two weeks) can’t get anything shipped to either address here.

    We have a post office box and a street address.

    For the past five years small items would come to the box and larger ones to the house. Now I’m told the street address is “invalid” and no one can find it. I’ve been dealing with Amazon and the USPS to no avail, and tried all possible combinations of the addresses, one or the other alone, both in different order, etc. No dice. Yet other stuff from other online merchants gets here OK. WTF??

    Any thoughts?

  23. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    What’s your street address?

  24. SteveF says:

    Costco and WalMart don’t care about your politics so long as your money’s green. Jeff Bezos doesn’t care if Amazon makes a profit and discriminates on politics.

    I don’t know that that’s what’s happening, but if you can’t prove that it isn’t happening then it probably is.

  25. MrAtoz says:

    Any thoughts?

    Have you run your address through the USPS checker? My shipping software validates an address before allowing a label (you can override it). Every now and then, I get an address that won’t validate with UPS. I ship it anyway and have never had a problem with UPS. USPS is a different story.

    I can try validating your address if you want: zotarm “at” gmail “dot” com

  26. Greg Norton says:

    I went to that link and immediately got a plea for financial support taking up the screen and I closed that and got sent to a story about how vets are pissed at tRump for wearing a hat and a jacket on some Navy ship.

    The green Alpha Industries surplus flight jackets were popular with the “gangsta” crowd for a while. How many of them are pilots?

    As for the hat, I can’t imagine any President not wearing the hat of the carrier he’s touring, especially if he’s speaking. Trump would have been in bigger trouble if he didn’t wear the hat, but I doubt he had any hesitation about doing so.

    I suddenly (last two weeks) can’t get anything shipped to either address here.

    Maybe the Post Office and/or the merchants are concerned about addresses in your area acting as drop shippers for people in Canada hoping to avoid VAT (or whatever they call it up there).

    Of all the law enforcement you don’t want to mess with, Postal Inspectors would be high on the list.

  27. SteveF says:

    OFD, here’s something that’ll amuse you and then annoy you:

    Remember a while back I described how to make a genuine lake monster with plywood and old tires? I mentioned it to someone yesterday and she said someone (Not her!) got a handful of inflatable dolphins, partly filled them with water, then finished inflating with air, then tied them in a row and set them in a lake. It looked just like a “sea” serpent and many people were fooled.

    The part that will annoy you is that Amazon sells many colors and sizes of inflatable dolphins, but you can’t get them because they won’t ship to you.

  28. Ed says:

    As RBT pointed out: it pays to comparison-shop. Right now Amazon has the powdered cheese blend for $21 per #10 can, Walmart has exactly the same item for $10.

  29. lynn says:

    “Chinese zoo substitutes lion with dog”

    My son says that this is perfect example of doing business in China.

  30. Miles_Teg says:

    I get popups at lots of places but not at the link OFD was complaining about.

  31. nick flandrey says:

    ” “We strive to see all patients within four hours of their arrival, but there are some occasions when that is not always possible and we will explain that to patients at the time.”

    ” but has been told it could take months before she is seen again.”

    Boy oh boy, we gotta get us some of that! Whooeee, Billy Bob, don’t that just sound like Christmas morning? Hayuck, yuck, yuck…

    Who the f do they think we are to be fooled into that crap?


  32. Spook says:

    “”Another for OFD et al.””

    So he speaks Appalachian English, and said he ate
    Albert or Alvin?

  33. SteveF says:

    Not quite, Spook. The “et” is a mispronounced “eight”. The statement was something like saying that OFD is twice the man Al is, but moreso.

  34. Spook says:

    I’m confused, but I have found eating cetera much worse.

  35. SteveF says:

    Could be worse. Cetera could be eating you.

    There was a classic science fiction short story based on exactly that grammatical mix-up. Asimov era, but what I remember of the story didn’t feel like Asimov.

  36. Dave Hardy says:

    My home address can easily be found by anyone and located on various maps, offline and online so here it is:

    84 Cherry Street
    Saint Albans Bay, VT 05481

    And a while back the post office person said to always use my post office box (53) UNLESS the online merchant or whomever specified the item/s could not be mailed to a box and thus had to come to our house.

    So now Amazon won’t recognize EITHER address despite them shipping stuff to us at BOTH the post office box AND/OR the street address. And they say for me to verify it with the USPS or UPS and in the first case, they didn’t have it, either, even though they’ve delivered here previously, as has UPS and FEDex. WTF?

    It was perfectly OK via Amazon for the last five years and now is not, so the problem seems to be with them, but now I’m not sure. I’ve also contacted USPS accordingly.

    And the house/address has been here for nearly two fucking centuries.

  37. Spook says:

    Oh, wait, SteveF, you mean OFD is Al cubed… [agreed, for most instances of Al]…
    or maybe I need to quit messin’ with Math and/or Latin. It has mostly been a
    long time…

  38. SteveF says:

    An interesting thought, Spook. Would a hyperliterate OFD need to be formed from a hypercube of Als? Would the foundational Als need to be credentialed or is being well-read enough? But here, I fear, we are leaving theory behind and only experimentation shall prove out your hypothesis. Spook, you go kidnap a bunch of Als while I assemble the ensquishinator.

  39. Robert Bruce Thompson says:


    USPS address verification website says that address does not exist, which I’m sure UPS and FedEx are also using to decide your address is not valid. You need to visit your PO and pound your shoe on the postmaster’s desk until he gets it fixed for you.

  40. Spook says:

    At one time a FedEx contractor couldn’t find my street address (with large posted numbers) and called to get my 9-1-1 address (which is often posted on green signs around here, or more likely ‘way out on minor roads).
    So I called 9-1-1 [ha, back when landlines mattered] stated not an emergency but could you tell me my 9-1-1 address, sorry to interrupt, thanks for your service… and guess what.
    Of course this was just some driver being lazy. Same address for decades, after it was changed because the ‘phone company didn’t like it.
    Also had a package with a clutch tossed on the hood of my car (from reasonable evidence) probably while the UPS jerk keyed in that he couldn’t find my address and then left with the package (dragging it across the paint, of course). Insult + injury!
    Mailbox with number, extra sign with number, number on door… Uh… Never did figure out why he did that, other than random vandalism. I was also home at the time, but didn’t hear him whack my car.
    And, yeah, random, so there’s something wrong, repeatedly, there, OFD, and my fussin’ anecdotes are irrelevant.
    Oh, and like RBT, I love and respect my competent USPS carrier!

  41. Spook says:

    “”Spook, you go kidnap a bunch of Als while I assemble the ensquishinator.””

    Stand by.
    Uh, could I have the schematics? Or at least a sketch.

  42. SteveF says:

    RBT, Guy Raz has a newish podcast How I Built This, about entrepreneurs and people who start “movements” and such. The main part of each show is about someone who succeeded beyond all reasonable expectation, like Nolan Bushnell, but at the end of each podcast he features someone who’s started an unusual business or not-for-profit. FYI in case you want to tell them about your science ed biz.

  43. Spook says:

    “”USPS address verification website says that address does not exist …””

    Whilst I was bloviating, the problem is found…
    I shall refrain from bloviating while the solution is attempted,
    since even I lack sufficient bloviata.

  44. SteveF says:

    Well, I don’t like to let out trade secrets, but the ensquishinator is just a garbage compactor with a paint job and a fancy label. Stuff an Al in, ensquish him into a cube, stack him with other Als, and then fold the whole assembly into a hypercube. Trivially easy.

  45. Ray Thompson says:

    I will wager odds your address should be:

    84 Cherry St
    ST Albans Bay VT 05481

    Where I used to work we had trouble with addresses. Any large mailing had to go through a USPS address resolution which was done by the mailing vendor with corrections sent to my organization.

    We would send a mailing and get a reject on several addresses that had been in use for years. Next mailing that rejected addresses were replaced by different addresses. Next mailing same scenario, different addresses. We got so we just ignored the rejected addresses sent to us as the product reached the recipient anyway.

    There is something totally messed up with the USPS address system where good addresses become invalid and invalid addresses become valid on different mailing cycles. Even the address corrections coming from the post electronically were sometimes incorrect. It depended on the post office that initially entered the correction or forwarding address. USPS want street abbreviated as “St” yet corrections from the USPS would have “Str”. “Boulevard as “Blvd” would come through as “Blvr”, etc. Some changes had the apartment 1st, others would have it 2nd.

    We had people that had received mailings for years at the same address. Suddenly their mail from us was not being delivered, typically the magazine as it is not 1st class. We would call the post office and they would verify the address as correct as would their online system. No one could tell us why the article was not delivered.

  46. Spook says:

    Saint OFD is not allowed!

    Seriously, they do like to mess with those official abbreviations.

    I recently got a Priority Mail with totally wrong street number,
    though. Riddle me that…

  47. SteveF says:

    I used to live on Nott Street. One package was addressed to “No. H St” … and it got to me. I think that was UPS, but don’t remember for sure.

  48. nick flandrey says:

    “The mail” is actually looked at by your carrier. The machines get it into a bin that they “think” is correct, but the first thing the carrier does is sort his route.

    They are pretty good at figuring it out, if they care and have time.


  49. Spook says:

    North Ott Street?

    Ranting further, I bet a LOTT of this is NOTT about handwriting (and don’t get me started on cursive) but it’s about artificial stupidity reading perfectly well-printed machine text.

  50. nick flandrey says:

    Just got a note from my school district. they want me to come to a seminar.

    “We invite parents to share your experiences, help us identify barriers to your engagement and provide insights to help SBISD strengthen our collaboration with you on behalf of your children.

    Your voice is critical as we develop a new Family Education, Engagement and Empowerment framework for SBISD.”

    So we’re gonna get an empowerment framework to help with our ‘engagement’ whatever the F that is….

    At least they’re serving a “lite breakfast and lunch” so it will take up more than half the day….

    Oh joy. And for this I pay taxes??


  51. Spook says:

    “” “The mail” is actually looked at by your carrier. The machines get it into a bin that they “think” is correct, but the first thing the carrier does is sort his route. “”

    I was not sure how that works. Thought so.
    Now I know for sure that I need to try to do something special for my carrier.
    Simply doing one’s job well is under-appreciated these days.

  52. lynn says:

    Just got a note from my school district. they want me to come to a seminar.

    One parent involved, 50% success rate of the child at school. Two parents involved, 90% success rate of the child at school.

    That is a total SWAG but I have been getting that impression lately.

  53. Dave Hardy says:

    @Mr. Ray;

    Just for laffs, I tried your bet on what my address should be and got this again:

    “The street name or number appears to be invalid.”

    I’ll be at the PO in the morning or on Monday morning, whichever, to see if I can get this straightened the fuck out. Jesus wept. How come it was OK for five years and now it ain’t? Oh yeah—Mr. Ray pretty much explained that.

    I will tell them that that they need to empower their engagement framework so that it frames the empowerment engagement and then we can engage in framing some empowerment. That insight should empower our collaboration engagement framework.

  54. Dave Hardy says:

    They come here out of LOVE.

    All of this has been well-known to the Feds and they obviously don’t give a shit. While the Border Patrol and state police down there have evidently got their ballz cut off.

    And I could show this to certain family members here and they’d blow it off with some excuse or other, like they do already for immigrants in general and even the musloid scum.

    Wife did agree, however, that the students and other commie scum who disrupted Charles Murray’s attempted talk on the Middlebury campus recently and also assaulted the woman professor who was escorting him (she had to be taken to the nearest hospital), are like unto the old Nazi brownshirts. I was so shocked I shut up immediately and savored the moment.

  55. Greg Norton says:

    My son says that this is perfect example of doing business in China.

    I think I’ve posted this before. The Paul Huang in the video, owner of the building, is my wife’s Uncle Paul. One of the reasons I wanted out of the Northwest is that the family doesn’t know how to interact with other people, even other family members, without running some kind of con/scheme/game.

    I don’t believe the behavior is viewed as unusual in Taiwan, but it gets really old fast. Cousins my wife’s age are paid off to overlook the antics so the melting pot won’t work in their case until the oldsters start “assuming room temperature”.

  56. nick flandrey says:

    High trust society vs low trust society. Many people have written about it, but it boils down to someone from a low trust society will ALWAYS “take advantage” of the high trust society person. To do otherwise is simply foolish in their eyes, as you are practically MAKING them do it thru your foolish behavior.

    My chinese project manager told me (while in china) that chinese always want cheap vs quality. So a dog that looks like a lion is just as good as a lion. A building with very thin stone veneer is just as good as a stone building.

    Filing paperwork is just as good as actually fixing problems. And why actually do anything when the stupid people let you get away with not doing anything….


  57. MrAtoz says:

    Mr. OFD,

    For what it’s worth, I ran your address through and it came out “invalid.”

  58. MrAtoz says:

    Google Maps takes you there. Street View shows the house and number clearly.

  59. Dave Hardy says:

    Yeah, thanks, MrAtoz; Amazon claims it’s the USPS and UPS databases; they claim it’s Amazon. No joy in Mudville yet.

    I’m calling Amazon later today and trying to get to the bottom of this; the postmistress in our little P.O. told me to give them her number and she’ll try to straighten it out. I’ve had stuff arrive recently here via both UPS and FedEx, so WTF?

    She even said it’s odd that it’s only a problem recently. Maybe somebody is messing with me…

  60. nick flandrey says:

    More likely something just recently propagated thru a database somewhere. And the stupid DBAs assume that most recent is correct…

    Take a look at a credit report some time, esp. if you share a name… one miss-correction after another as the DB or tool notices that something is different between the records.

    >Update- ssn is xxx.xx.xxxx
    >Update- address is XXXX
    >update- SSN is [original ssn]
    >update- addy is [original addy]

    The freakin’ thing will keep chasing its tail


  61. DadCooks says:

    @OFD, this is just a shot in the dark regarding your address conundrum; do you share your Amazon account with anyone? Might “Princess” or your Wife have ordered something on your account or created an account attached to your account?

    WRT Postal “Carriers”: we have 3 different carriers who regularly service our address, more during certain times of the year. Only one is competent, she has been with the USPS for more than 35-years. She is the only one that knows when a package cannot be removed from the front door in our 20 unit mailbox (garage type door on the back for loading all boxes, then each box has a locking front door smaller than the circumference of the box). She brings all parcels AND the mail to our door, and she loves to talk. ALL the other poor excuses for a USPS employee jam large parcels into the box, or if obviously way too large they just toss it on our porch. BTW, I have provided photo and video evidence to our local Postmasterbater and she has done nothing, figures.

  62. Dave Hardy says:

    Thanks, Mr. DadCooks, but no. I’m the only one here who gets stuff from Amazon and I’ve had a Prime account since they came up with the scam.

    Our village here does not get any regular mail delivered to our houses; we all have post office boxes for it. Which our postmaster/postmistress has told me is the correct thing to put down for online orders and subscriptions and suchlike, unless said online entity specifies otherwise.

    Bigger stuff, like shelving assemblies, snowblower, etc., come right to this street address.

    Wife’s checks sometimes come via FedEx (when she’s had to tell her asshole employers to FedEx them Overnight because they’re now WAY beyond the 30 days they themselves specify) as do any shipments of ammo, to this address, nary a problem.

    I’ll be calling Amazon shortly and trying to get somewhere again and also leaving the local P.O. number with them. Meanwhile I’ll find out if other stuff still gets here OK to this address.

  63. Randy Giedrycz says:

    I’m wondering why Auguson Farms sells both powdered whole eggs (the one Bob mentioned) and a powdered scrambled egg mix. I would assume you could simply make scrambled eggs from the powdered whole eggs, so why would they also sell something specifically for powdered eggs?

  64. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    The eggs are just eggs. The mix includes powdered milk and other contaminants.

  65. nick flandrey says:

    Hah, I didn’t copy, but I’ve been waiting for the eggs to come down, so I bought eggs, butter, and cheese powder too.

    I would have picked them up at the store, but I got free shipping and never was offered the pickup option.


  66. DadCooks says:

    @Randy said: “… powdered scrambled egg mix…”

    Way too many people are lazy. They don’t realize how much flexibility they are loosing in addition to controlling the quality of the ingredients and the taste and texture outcome.

    Being a Submarine Veteran I have eaten A LOT of powdered eggs. Fortunately Submarine Cooks know how to prepare them well. And they use only 100% whole dried eggs as the base, no “mixes”.

  67. nick flandrey says:

    Spending 200-250 days a year in hotels, for a decade, I’ve eaten my share of powdered and liquid eggs. I like fresh, but after they’ve been on a steam table for over 30 minutes, it doesn’t matter. Ketchup and hotsauce, sausage or bacon mixed in. Anything will improve the taste.


  68. Miles_Teg says:

    Are sub chefs better than surface ship chefs? I know DC is likely to be biased…

  69. DadCooks says:

    Yes, I have a biased opinion that Submarine Chefs are the best in the Navy. I have eaten on a variety of surface craft. Compared to submarines which are a 10, surface craft are a 5 at best.

    I had a cousin (a bit younger than me, died of too much alcohol for too long) who was an Electricians Mate on Bird Farms (Aircraft Carriers). Whenever he had a chance to, in port, he would beg and barter to get a meal on a submarine.

    On submarines you have to be creative when most of the meals you prepare are not from fresh meat or produce. What we did have fresh every day was fresh baked bread, buns, donuts, and sweet rolls. Also, the Officers and Enlisted ate the same meals. The Officers had better china and silverware (real sterling silver).

  70. Dave Hardy says:

    Well, my dad was a Coastie; ‘Nam vet uncle was a gunners mate on a destroyer (U.S.S. Beale and Bronze Star), and my maternal grandpa was also Navy, three years in North Afrika. They all had many stories, usually designed as some sort of moral lessons for me. Hard to say how much influence they had, but I enlisted in the high-tech AF, and spent most of my time in the virtual infantry or enlisted aircrew.

    Always loved midnight chow and loaded up every time like a starving man.

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