Day: March 12, 2017

Sunday, 12 March 2017

10:57 – It was 26.5F (-3C) when when I took Colin out around 0730 this morning. The forecast snow never showed up, at least here. It is snowing down in Winston-Salem. We’re still expecting snow over the next few days, but it may come to nothing.

We’ve pretty much taken the weekend off. Frances and Al came up around lunchtime on Friday and just left to drive back to Winston. We’ve had a nice, relaxing couple of days, except for Colin, who’s had four people to manage instead of just two.

If you need powdered eggs, I hope you got them ordered. Until Thursday or Friday, both Walmart and Amazon were selling 33-ounce #10 cans of Augason powdered eggs at $12.99 each. When I checked Friday night, they’d both doubled the price per can. I ordered four cans at $13, which we’ve received. I was thinking about ordering more at that price, which is probably less than cost, but with what we already had four more cans was sufficient.

Both Walmart and Amazon bounce their prices up and down frequently, often by large amounts. I suspect there’s something going on behind the scenes, with the two of them struggling to get/keep market share. The moral here is to know what a good price is, and when you see it, grab it.

Speaking of which, I’ve been trying for some time to order more 28-ounce cans of Keystone ground beef from Walmart, but they’re always out of stock. Amazon carries it, but at literally twice the price. Walmart was supposed to email me when they were back in stock, but they never have. Last night, I noticed they were back in stock at the regular $6.24/can price, so I added 24 cans to my shopping cart. When I tried to check out, it changed the quantity from 24 to one, with a note that they had only one can left in stock. As I said, when a vendor has something in stock at a good price, buy it. Don’t just add it to your cart with the intention of ordering it later. Buy it now.

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