Day: March 25, 2017

Saturday, 25 March 2017

09:49 – It was 48.4F (9C) when I took Colin out around 0700 this morning. He and Barbara are outside right now, getting started on Trump’s Wall. She hauled some rock up from the backyard yesterday to put a small drystone wall around the flower bed at the corner of our garage. It’ll be only five or six feet long and 6 or 8 inches tall, but I feel comfortable that it’ll be enough to discourage any illegal immigrants from taking up residence in Barbara’s flower bed.

Barbara drinks orange juice every morning. She buys Tropicana in those 1.75-liter PET wide-mouth bottles (weight: 59 grams w/o lid; 71 grams w/ lid) that are so useful for repackaging LTS food, particularly fluffy stuff that’s hard to get into the narrow-mouth 2-liter bottles.

One aggravation for Barbara over the years is that I don’t discard or recycle any potentially useful bottles, so at times she feels as though the house is being taken over by bottles. Hundreds of them. Big yard-waste bags full of them. (I did point out once that our house was about 30,000 cubic feet, which meant we actually had room for about 600,000 2-liter bottles, but that didn’t seem to help.)

So I was proud of Barbara when she returned from Winston Thursday. She had a Tropicana bottle half full of iced tea. Al had made too much iced tea, and gave her some of it in the OJ bottle to take home. She mentioned that we saved those bottles for repackaging bulk staples. Al asked if she wanted them to save them for us, and Barbara thanked him and accepted. Barbara getting more bottles for us. Heh. Now all we need to do is get them all full of bulk staples and shelved. We’re gonna need more shelves.

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