Day: March 2, 2017

Thursday, 2 March 2017

09:16 – It was right at freezing when I took Colin out this morning, with winds gusting to about 50 MPH (80 KPH). The next couple days are to be the coldest since mid-February, but still well above normal.

Barbara’s Windows notebook has been giving her fits. Have I ever mentioned just how much I hate Windows? It’s a progressive operating system, versus the libertarian Linux. The latest problem is that Windows insists on changing “connect to WiFi automatically” to “connect to WiFi manually”.

Enough is enough. Barbara’s and my notebooks are identical, and I run Linux Mint on mine without any problems. So I’m going to switch her over to Linux Mint. Rather than install Linux on her hard disk, I decided to pull her hard drive, put it on the shelf, and install an SSD. She doesn’t use the system for much other than reading email, browsing the web, keeping her blog, and keeping checkbook register spreadsheets and personal documents. Her current Windows installation takes only 52 GB of disk space, most of which is probably bloat. I was about to order her a 240 GB SSD, but upon reflection I decided that a 120 GB SSD was more than large enough. So I ordered her a SanDisk 120 GB unit, which is to arrive tomorrow.

When it arrives, I’ll pull a backup of all her data, pull the old hard drive and put it on the shelf, install the SSD, install Linux Mint, and restore her data. She’s already running Libre Office, Firefox, and Thunderbird, so there won’t be much work involved in getting her up and running.

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