Saturday, 19 November 2016

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09:59 – Several people sent me mugshots, so herewith the rogues’ gallery:

MrAtoz, AKA David Kickbusch

MrAtoz, AKA David Kickbusch


DadCooks, AKA Eric Comben

CowboySlim, AKA Stu Nicol

CowboySlim, AKA Stu Nicol

Terry Losansky

Terry Losansky

Ray Thompson (on the right)

Ray Thompson (on the right)

12:12 – And a couple of more:

Miles Teg, AKA Greg Ede

Miles Teg, AKA Greg Ede

SteveF, AKA Steve Furlong, and his 9-year old, Ann Selene

SteveF, AKA Steve Furlong, and his 9-year old, Ann Selene

I have that exact flannel shirt. Also, I’m wondering how a guy as ugly as SteveF ended up with such a beautiful daughter. His wife must be gorgeous.

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  1. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Hmmm. It appears that Terry Losansky was awarded his black belt on 3/14/08. Mine was about 35 years before that. I don’t think I’ll mess with Terry.

  2. Dave says:

    Is everyone here named David?

  3. Dave Hardy says:

    Y’all have great pics; mine looks like I’m sitting in the prison library, and my VT driver’s license is even worse, like I just tunneled out of Dannemora up here. Appropriate, I guess.

    Today looks to be our last warm day for a while; back to normal temps and wind tomorrow, the weather liars say.

  4. Miles_Teg says:

    Just sent in my photo.

    “Getting old is hell”.

  5. Miles_Teg says:

    The picture of Ray is a fake. He’s not holding a FLASHLIGHT.

  6. SteveF says:

    Well, Dave (Hardy, that is), I was trying to be all polite n stuff and not mention that in your picture you look like a serial killer waiting to meet with his court-appointed public defender. Because that would be all rude n stuff.

  7. DadCooks says:

    Jasper is making sure my hair, singular 😉 is in place.

    @RBT you may edit my “mug shot” to add my aka “Eric Comben” (the gooberment agencies already know it anyway).

  8. MrAtoz says:

    I think I saw Mr. OFD on Criminal Minds last night. Some serial killer on the Appalachian Trail.

    Just kidding, FLASHLIGHT!

    Political Talk!

  9. Dave Hardy says:

    My serial killer days ended in April of 1975.

    I have thought of taking them up again, and doing my bit to clean up this AO.

    Unfortunately, my current physical and medical condition is such that I would experience substantial difficulty in serial-killing the flies that are seeking shelter here in advance of tomorrow’s horrific cold wave (temps to plummet, with RealFeel, to the high twenties) and the cats don’t seem interested in the slightest.

    But it’s 60+ here today with sun and cloudless blue skies above all the ‘bare, ruined choirs…’

  10. Ray Thompson says:

    The picture of Ray is a fake.

    The backdrop is fake, a green screen. Taken when we entered the Space Needle. They did not charge you to download the picture which was a refreshing change from most places that want to charge $15.00.

    He’s not holding a FLASHLIGHT.

    There were two in my pocket if you don’t include the cell phone. If you’re packing heat does it show?

  11. SteveF says:

    Is that a flashlight in your pocket or are you just happy to be here?

    Thanks. I needed that image in my mind.

  12. Robert Bruce Thompson says:


    With a little girl like that to take care of, I’m surprised you still go out hunting. You need to take better care of yourself, because I suspect at some point your family will need you even more than they do now.

  13. CowboySlim says:

    In the vein of political non-correctness, it is OK to call me a REDNECK!

  14. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    As long as you precede it with “Deplorable, Irredeemable”

  15. SteveF says:

    I’m surprised you still go out hunting.

    I haven’t, since returning from Minnesota when the family did not join me out there. Once in a while trouble finds me, like a few years ago when I saw a couple grown men beating the crap out of a teenage boy one night. I advised them that they’d probably done enough, was advised to fuck off, and advised them that I’d break all of their arms if they didn’t back away, and a few minutes later waited with the kid until his bus came; he’d declined my offer of a ride to the emergency room. Or just this past Halloween, when a couple of probably drunk probably teenagers were just starting to hassle my daughter in a parking lot while I put the cart back. No violence needed that time, just a few friendly words of advice.

    a guy as ugly as SteveF

    I suppose I ought to object, but I’ll have to content myself with some dire muttering under my breath.

  16. Dave Hardy says:

    Compared to me, Mr. SteveF is potential cover material for GQ or Esquire or PlayGirl. I do have, however, a growing collection of flannel shirts, some of them pretty ratty by now, but they work good up here in this neck of the woods. I have found, however, that I have to order the next size or two up from my usual if they’re made in Asian countries. Thus XXXLT, when I’m just XXLT.

    And Mr. CowboySlim walks the walk like he talks the talk, yippee-ki-yay!

    I’m holding out for a cover mag contract for Cellblock Magazine and a cameo role in “Orange is the New Black.”

  17. lynn says:

    “Here’s My Experience with Healthcare in Mexico ”

    A mix of government “medicare for all” and private. According to him, it works.

    Hat tip to:

  18. ray thompson says:

    Compared to me, Mr. SteveF is potential cover material for GQ

    There is hope for you Mr. OFD. I think MAD Magazine is still being published.

  19. lynn says:

    I’m holding out for a cover mag contract for Cellblock Magazine and a cameo role in “Orange is the New Black.”

    As a cook, guard, or an inmate transgendering from male to female ?

  20. Nick Flandrey says:

    “Transgender marine, 20, who enlisted while living as a woman will soon become one of the first to be recognized as a man by the U.S. military

    Read more:

    Next time you can’t get an appt, or they deny your request for meds, keep in mind that this damaged individual underwent voluntary treatment on you dime.

    “with their help, started hormone replacement treatment within the military healthcare system. “

    Makin’ a list, checkin’ it twice, gonna decide who’s been naughty or nice….

  21. Alan says:

    Planning for another desktop PC build and noticed that the hardwareguys message board is offline. Anyone know if this is temporary/permanent/any other status info?

  22. Rick H says:


    A good place to check is , who report them as being up. (If that’s the right place.)

  23. Jenny says:

    Virtually all of my pics involve dogs or dead things.

  24. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Jim Cooley took it over three or four years ago, but due to domain transfer problems it’s now at I don’t have time to keep up, so I don’t visit.

  25. lynn says:

    Planning for another desktop PC build

    The last PC that I built in 2015 used these components:
    1. Antec Sonata III 500 Quiet Super Mid Tower ATX Case (Black) (with power supply)
    2. Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H LGA 1150 Z97 Motherboard
    3. Intel Core i5-4690K Processor 3.5 GHz LGA 1150 BX80646I54690K
    4. LG 27MP33HQ 27-inch Full HD IPS LED Monitor, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, HDMI, VGA Input (Black)
    5. Crucial Ballistix Tactical 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR3 1600, PC3-12800 Memory
    6. Intel 480 GB SSD drive

  26. lynn says:

    There is also “Building a PC, Part VIII: Iterating” by Jeff Atwood:

  27. Nick Flandrey says:

    not an i7?

  28. Dave Hardy says:

    “There is hope for you Mr. OFD. I think MAD Magazine is still being published.”

    “What, me worry?” I really got a kick out of them back in middle skool with a couple of my pals, the small state college town of Bridgewater, MA, and also home to the prison facility where they kept guys like the Boston Strangler, just a couple of miles from our house. Occasional escapes made the AO spicy at times, as I recall. We had a Western Auto store in town that stocked the usual cah stuff, but also Mad Magazine and the slew of plastic model kits you could make of souped-up cars, planes, tanks, etc. We hung out there all the time and nobody bothered us.

    “As a cook, guard, or an inmate transgendering from male to female ?”

    Naw, my role will be some character among the AN gang, most like, setting them up to hack into banks and offshore accounts from the cellblock, while also building improvised munitions.

    PC builds? I don’t bother anymore; get a basic unit with a decent mobo and max out the RAM and throw in graphics cards, SSDs, etc. Closest thing to a build I have coming up is in the attic space, setting up a CentOS machine with Nethserver and external RAID storage, plus the sound system, ginormous monitor, etc. And a bunch of RaspberryPI projects. This winter, damn it.

    Neighbor kid came over to stack firewood for us and wife was painting the studio door and washing shutters she got for free at the dump/recycling center, and figuring how to set up the blinds and lighting. Spends an hour at a time just sitting in the chair out there and pondering. Very visual. Whereas I grok the TEXT. And Princess is into the aural, with languages and music. What a team!

  29. Dave Hardy says:

    Is it just me or does MrAtoz look like an evil Captain Picard?

  30. lynn says:

    not an i7?

    I only put I7 CPUs in developer PCs. The I5 is a fairly hot chip in itself.

    And the Intel Graphics in the latest 97X motherboards is very good unless you are a dedicated gamer. So, you do not need a graphics board.

  31. SteveF says:

    Is it just me or does MrAtoz look like an evil Captain Picard?

    No, he’d need a goatee for that.

  32. paul says:

    I have a Gateway DX4860. I kinda like the model number. It has an i5-2320 @ 3.00 GHz. 6 GB RAM. Win7 64. A 2 TB hard drive and it seems that no matter how much porn or whatever I download, I can’t get past using 1/4 of the drive. It had no crapware out of the box. Does everything I want and does it well.

    Nice box. Not crazy about the video…. because any windows open when the box goes to sleep are resized and cascaded from the upper left corner. My eMachine with an add-in nVida card behaved quite well for almost 7 years.

    Figures, new box, different slots, and while annoyed, I don’t care enough to buy a new video card.

    I’d send in a picture but I need to take one first. I assume a Weiner style pic is totally off of the list? Ick.

  33. MrAtoz says:

    Is it just me or does MrAtoz look like an evil Captain Picard?

    No, he’d need a goatee for that.

    A younger version (hairless) of Mr. Atoz.

    Of course, half of us baldies here look like that.

  34. MrAtoz says:

    BTW, you look like a proud PaPa Mr. SteveF.

  35. Dave says:

    A younger version (hairless) of Mr. Atoz.

    I thought of the older Mr. Atoz when I saw your nom de keybooard. Thought that you were making that reference, and now I know…

  36. MrAtoz says:

    Yeah, I’ve used MrAtoz for quite awhile. Zotarm when MrAtoz is taken.

  37. Nick Flandrey says:

    I’m gonna refrain from scaring the neighbors….

    Given the number of accidents/misfortunes and facial injuries I’ve had, it’s amazing I don’t scare the kids. Some of the scars are faded almost out, but there are still two that people ask about when they meet me for the first time. I always forget until someone asks. (I’m not frankenstein by any stretch but I did have a couple of very visible and poorly sutured scars. The other scars got GOOD sutures which drives up the total count. Usually you get more than 4 stitches per inch on the face. The biggest damage healed quite well, hence my previous paean to silvadene cream…)


  38. SteveF says:

    Yah, I know what you mean about scars. Luckily, I heal like no one’s business, so cuts and burns and abrading half (well, a quarter) of my face off don’t leave much external sign. My beard comes in grey over some of the worst damage, though.

  39. SteveF says:

    BTW, you look like a proud PaPa Mr. SteveF.

    Still waiting for the blood test results to come back so we know if she’s mine or the mailman’s kid.

    Fun fact: When Selene was still a baby, I managed to fling so much bullshit so rapidly that my wife agreed that it was possible that she wasn’t the baby’s mother. You’d think that, after being married for more than a year, she’d have learned.

  40. nick flandrey says:

    My beard doesn’t come in at all in the abraded areas. No one in my family has much facial hair to begin with, and mine is patchy where the scarring is. Looks like normal tissue (except it won’t grow hair) thanks to the silvadene, and even feels soft.

    There is the scar tissue across my chin where the ER Dr said to the nurse, “You know, I don’t know if I can close this…..” Funny story that. Well, funny to a certain kind of person. Some people just get this horrified look on their face. Or the one about the 2 hour surgery involving a #2 Bowman probe to line up tear duct… Or the (really good and successful) plastic reconstruction around the eye… Or the fire… or the road rash….

    Only a couple of the scars were from violence, most were from bad luck, or stupidity.


  41. paul says:

    Anyone into fruitcakes?

    No, not the kind you can find on the seedy side of town.

    I’m talking

    Real real real good stuff. I stopped by the shop in Corsicana a few years ago. Nice, oldish building. Not fancy. Smelled wonderful.

    They sent junk mail to mom. Use promo code 61FDF1 (from the flyer) or try 61B808 from her order form. Drops the price of the small size 101 from 28.45 to 22.50. So, Two for 45.00. $6.45 shipping.

    I’m not getting a kick-back of any kind. Rats!

  42. paul says:

    Geez, I thought I was beat up with a 12 inch scar on my leg where they sliced me open to put my thigh bone back together. Four stainless “haggy pins” (forget exactly) about 6 inches long. Yeah, I do have a working leg. Aches most of the time thank you very much. Can’t run for shit… never have figured how to get it to all sync up again.

    Ah, well, that happened back in ’78.

    Funny thing though… a few years ago when I started with the dentist, he’d be looking and poking and seemed surprised that whatever it was didn’t hurt. Next appointment I wore shorts. End of his wonderment.

    As for burns on my arms from feeding the wood stove, because Someone Stupid is not paying attention and hits the edges of the stove, emu oil really works. Corn oil does not.

  43. nick flandrey says:

    Whatever doesn’t kill us… lets us tell the weather.

    I’ve been losing little bits and pieces over the years. I lost track of the number of stitches, but I think probably over 80 in my face, and should really be 200. ER doc outside Gary Indiana can’t really be expected to do plastic surgery, but I guess he could have called someone. Doesn’t bother me anymore, but it was pretty stark and disturbing for a while. 30 years will fade almost everything. Made one hell of an impression on my new classmates in college. Looking back, it must have been pretty shocking for them.

    Lots of damage elsewhere too.

    I don’t know what MRSA infection would be like postSHTF, with no surgery and no antibiotics, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t WANT to live thru it. I’ve had 2 instances cut out of me and it wasn’t fun.

    Yikes, probably gonna have bad dreams tonight.


  44. nick flandrey says:

    On the prepping front, didn’t get to any sales today, but did pick up a couple of things.

    Ducks Unlimited Wild Game Cookbook.

    3 pairs of amber shooting glasses.

    Clear safety glasses with “cheaters” at the bottom. Really nice for soldering.

    Opened an old ‘cache’ of food. Really just a plastic footlocker in the garage. Something popped inside during the years since 2012…. so a couple of observations.
    –the spam cans were unaffected, and I won’t hesitate to eat them
    –the foil pouches of tuna, and chicken SEEMED ok, none puffed up, but no way to verify the seal either
    –several of the rice pouches were obviously breeched
    –instant coffee, spices in glass, and curry bars were unaffected.
    –the rotten smell has faded to just a bit of a whiff

    I disposed of all of the pouches. They are 4 years over, and exposed to whatever blew, and have no good way to verify integrity. The canned ham has corrosion on the seams, so that went, even though it was probably still good, and I’d have eaten it if the cans still had vaccum (didn’t check, not that hungry.) 3 plastic grocery bags full in total, at ~$3 each, probably $150 in breakage.

    I have long resigned myself to having spoilage, and breakage. Mainly because I have food we don’t rotate, and my storage conditions are horrible–way too hot. There was some that would have been salvageable post SHTF, or at least trade-able, but nothing I was willing to continue storing today.

    The other footlocker has a mix of cleaning, kitchen, hygiene, and other stuff (FRS radios, big bolt cutter, water filters, mess kits, batteries, candles, ‘stuff’. It is long overdue for reorg and reuse. The two lockers were the basis of my starter kit, years ago and have long outlived their usefulness.

    Oh, I also went thru and consolidated some medical supplies, and some PPEs for the ebola outbreak. Now they are labeled “paint supplies”.

    Tons of stuff to do, just gotta get motivated.


  45. Miles_Teg says:

    “Also, I’m wondering how a guy as ugly as SteveF ended up with such a beautiful daughter. His wife must be gorgeous.”

    Heh. I had a Vietnamese boss 20 years ago who was really ugly. Perhaps even uglier than SteveF. But he had an insanely beautiful daughter who sometimes droped into work after school to see him. I told him he must have an outrageously beautiful wife to have produced a daughter like that. He laughed, knowing exactly what I was saying.

    This guy arrived in Australia in the late Seventies, speaking no English. He had a science degree from Vietnam, not accepted at face value here, so he did a new BSc (in chemistry, maths, CS) from scratch at Adelaide Uni. With zero English language knowledge. He got through easily enough. While he was living in the migrant hostel he taught himself to play the piano (very well) and photography (very well). When I knew him he had a B&W photo of his wife on his desk, and I said “I can see now where Mimi (the daughter) gets her good looks from.’ I was lucky he had a sense of humor.

  46. Ray Thompson says:

    Having grown up on a farm around a lot of powerful and dangerous machinery, barbed wire, sharp knives, angry animals, and in my case an angry uncle, scars from cuts and abrasions were common. Cuts were treated by forcing the wound together and using a tight bandage, and in one case, scotch tape. Hands took most of the abuse. But heads, arms, legs and feet were also targets. Tetanus shots were always kept up to date. Stitches were many, generally once a month to the local doctor for some sewing. Worst was the one in the armpit from deer antlers. Several stitches inside as well as many stitches outside. Significant scar as arm movement tore out a few of the stitches. Survived with all appendages intact so I guess it was not too bad.

  47. lynn says:

    Wow, is this the country that you want to live in ? Where people threaten people for doing their sworn duty ?

    “Michigan electors cite threats over Trump vote”

    ““You have people saying ‘you’re a hateful bigot, I hope you die,’ ” he said. “I’ve had people talk about shoving a gun in my mouth and blowing my brains out. And I’ve received dozens and dozens of those emails. Even the non-threatening-my-life emails are very aggressive.””

    Shame on these people for threatening this man for doing his sworn duty. And, it is nice to know that some people in the USA still hold their personal integrity.

  48. ech says:

    I can attest to the delicious nature of Collin Street Bakery fruitcakes. They are very tasty – mostly fruit and nuts. They also have dynamite sandwiches, cookies, and pies at their new store on I-45. They have their own pineapple plantations in Central America where the candied pineapple is made for the fruitcake and their pineapple cakes.

  49. lynn says:

    –instant coffee, spices in glass, and curry bars were unaffected.

    Curry bars ? Curry bars ?

    The instant coffee is a good idea. Nothing like a cup of crappy tasting mud, except when you don’t have any coffee at all.

    Note to self: go buy about three more propane tanks so that I can have coffee in the apocalypse. I guess I need a manual bean grinder also. Life without fresh ground coffee is too horrible to contemplate !

  50. nick flandrey says:

    The instant is the Starbucks kind that I buy whenever it’s on sale at costco. I remember all the WWII stories of c-rats with coffee powder. And then there was a whole generation who would drink Sanka. It was space age and convenient….

    I put the instant in with my Mountain House cases. I add breakfast oatmeal, coffee, drink mix, and snacks to a case of mixed MH for a more complete package.

    The curry bars are the only way I know to make curry.

    It’s packaged as a thick bar, with divisions like a chocolate bar. You break off some cubes and dissolve them in your food. Yum. I buy it locally at 99 Ranch Market, but other places carry it too. Lots of flavor in a small package.


    Lots of ways to make coffee-
    -normal drip coffee maker running off gennie
    -french press
    -single serving camping style espresso maker
    -camping style drip cone for single mug
    -non-electric percolator (stove top)
    -old time enameled tin coffee pot

    Got 4 months of my normal grind, a big can of backup Foldgers (or two), and the singles with the other FD foods and the medium term shelf stable stuff. I’m the only one in the house that drinks it.

  51. nick flandrey says:

    “Nothing like a cup of crappy tasting mud,” — 15 years of living in hotels and convention centers and I can drink whatever coffee is around. I prefer good coffee, but any is better than none.


  52. nick flandrey says:

    One last prep/observation before bed.

    James Wesley, Rawles has this to say:

    There has recently been a lot of conjecture in the press about why the U.S. Navy has been flying racetrack patterns over Denver, Colorado in an E-6 Mercury TACAMO aircraft. I really doubt that it is anything nefarious. I suspect that they are doing long-range communications tests, contacting vessels in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Doing so high over the Rockies is a logical choice. The E6 Mercury (in part developed by one of my former employers, who served as the Program Manager) has a variety of missions. One of the contingency missions is for long-haul communications and data relay (all the way from VLF up to SHF) in the event that a war disrupts satellite communications. – JWR

    emp. added.

    He seems to find this comforting! I find it very alarming in the current political climate. Someone is SPENDING MONEY to exercise this capability.

    Damn. Dropping satellites would be even worse than a cable cutting war.


  53. Miles_Teg says:

    Lynn wrote:

    “Life without fresh ground coffee is too horrible to contemplate !”

    Coffee is the devil’s drink. Drink more tea and you might get your hair back… 🙂

  54. SteveF says:

    Replacing coffee with tea is only Step 1 of the Miles_Teg hair restoral program. Step 2 is lounging around in smug condescention. Step 3 is sheep shagging. Are you sure you want hair that badly?

  55. Ray Thompson says:

    Life without fresh ground coffee is too horrible to contemplate

    In spite of spending 10+ years under the control of clueless AF Officers, I never developed a taste for coffee. Huge brewing pots in all the mess halls, always a pot in every office. One office of about 10 people where I worked had a coffee fund that everyone was supposed to contribute. I was told everyone in the office had to contribute. I put my foot down and said no, I don’t drink it, I am not paying for their stuff. Did not go over well as their individual cost increased.

    Someone is SPENDING MONEY to exercise this capability

    That. And some company (or companies) is/are getting a lot of money for the capability. I suspect it is not so much an indication of a possible upcoming event, but more of someone high up approving funding for one of their buddies who will soon be hiring the person that approved all of this when that person retires.

    Saw it multiple times in the USAF. Saw it when I was out in the real world working on a couple of contracts where the buddy system was alive. One such venture costing 60 people their jobs so that Jim Densberger could retire into a cushy position.

    We had been doing the job in Oak Ridge for six years with the current staff, no complaints from the users of the system. But contract came up for rebid and we lost because we “bid one too few people”. Same number of people we had been using for six years, same tasks and contract requirements. Other company’s bid was 18 million higher than ours. Contract was going to be relocated to San Antonio.

    Now Jim Densberger, who I worked with in the USAF, had retired from the USAF on Friday and went to work for civil service on the following Monday. Same desk, never even cleaned it out. He had been in the USAF for 26 years and was now drawing retirement. Time in service counted for civil service time.

    So he is put in charge of the contract award. He awards it to a company in San Antonio where he currently lived. Once the award was made he retired from civil service. He was now getting his military retirement plus civil service retirement. After the mandatory waiting period he went to work for the contractor to whom he awarded the contract. So now he draws three paychecks and 60 people are out of a job, cost the taxpayers 18 million dollars, and the users were not happy.

    When we had the contract I developed an email system and instant messaging system. (Early 90’s, should have patented that shit.). I made some changes in the system that allowed the users 18 hours of online time per day. When the contract was moved those changes did not. The users were back down to 8-10 hours per day and were royally pissed.

    All this so Jim Densberger could have himself a cushy job. Probably pulling down 10K a month in retirement and who knows what in the new company. I found out later he was made a part owner. Corruption at it’s finest.

  56. MrAtoz says:

    Just a little political schadenfreude.

    The Fall of the House of Clinton is a hilarious read by Jonah Goldberg. I was hoping someone would write an article about the end of the Klintons.

    There’s a link to an article Mr. OFD might like:

    Protect Your Library the Medieval Way, With Horrifying Book Curse

  57. Dave Hardy says:

    I have a dozen or so books I would put those warning curses in. The rest can be replaced.

  58. DadCooks says:

    All this talk about coffee earns you guys (and gals) a Dad’s Sea Story:

    When I was in the Navy the Dept. of the Navy did many stupid things, like getting rid of the classic sailor suit and replacing it with a white dress shirt, black tie, black suit coat and pants, and dress black shoes. Was called the “Uniform of the New Issue” and it only lasted a couple of years.

    Now back to coffee. At this same time the Dept. of the Navy also decided that submarines would only have instant coffee. Well Master Chief Pfost (MCPO, E9+), our Chief of the Boat (COB), would have none of that. He knew how to get things done so he worked his magic and produced a Ship Alt for our boat that installed a submarine rated Bunn Commercial Coffee Station in our engine room. He also was a native of Hawaii and had connections to get 100% Kona Coffee that, believe it or not, actually came in a U.S. Navy labeled 5-pound can. It was amazing what we could get a shipyard worker to do for a cup of that Kona. Comshaw (term used when obtaining something outside of official channels or payment, usually by trading or bartering) ruled the day back then.

  59. nick flandrey says:

    @dadcooks, I am never sure when I read in a novel that the subs, or a particular boat has good coffee, if they are being sarcastic or not.

    My experience of institutional coffee is that it is universally awful.

    Is it actually good on some ships? in some depts?


    (obviously was in the engine room of that sub)

  60. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Good is a value judgement. I’ve known guys who thought good meant something strong enough for the spoon to stand up in that had been sitting on a burner for several hours.

  61. DadCooks says:

    @nick, for the most part submarines have the best chow and coffee. I was only on 2 boats, but have ridden 3 others and all had great chow and coffee. Surface craft (targets) are another story and their chow is mediocre at best and coffee is bitter mud, too weak or too strong. I had a cousin who was on the USS Nimitz and he always complained of the chow and coffee, there is where the real sarcasm is.

    In submarines we all ate the same food, from the Captain to the newest/lowest Seaman Non-rate, we all got the same. The difference for the Officers was that their food was served on fine china and silver with sterling silver flatware. If you were in the Cook’s favor he would make you anything you wanted. If you were not in the Cook’s favor you didn’t even try.

    Sea Story: One day we were having hamburgers, while doing high speed maneuvers. The mess cook had just loaded a silver tray with hamburgers for the Wardroom when we took a sudden high speed turn and the burgers went flying. 5-second rule, the mess cook picked up the burgers and took them into the Wardroom with those of us on the mess deck roaring with laughter and the Officers oblivious.

  62. lynn says:

    I prefer good coffee, but any is better than none.


  63. lynn says:

    Coffee is the devil’s drink. Drink more tea and you might get your hair back…

    Oh, all that hair came back. On my chest and back.

  64. lynn says:

    Surface craft (targets) are another story and their chow is mediocre at best and coffee is bitter mud, too weak or too strong.

    According to my former USMC son, helicopters are the targets in the military. He especially felt that way flying around Iraq in Chinooks (that dual rotor job that carries 50 ??? marines and don’t go real fast).

  65. ech says:

    Mechanical engineers design weapons systems, civil engineers design targets.

  66. pcb_duffer says:

    Sea story from a now deceased friend: One day (circa early 1970s), Uncle Sam’s Navy got a really, really good price on chickens to supply to sailor boys in the eastern Med. So good a price, in fact, that every available space was filled with chicken, and the squids had bird, and only bird, for food four meals a day all the way from the Med to Norfolk.

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