Friday, 30 September 2016

09:07 – The guys got the driveway dug out and graded and got the forms in place yesterday. They were planning to pour the concrete this morning, weather allowing. Yesterday evening and overnight, we got 2 inches (5 cm) of rain, with some hail. Ricky called at 0700 this morning and said the forecast for today was iffy enough that he planned to put off the pour until Monday, which is fine with us. Better safe than sorry.

Email from Jen overnight. She wanted to know what the shelf life of the potassium iodide was and asked if I had any recommendations about storing it. I told her the shelf life was probably about another 4.3 billion years, and that I recommended storing it in solution form to make it easy to measure out doses. A 100-gram bottle of KI is 760+ adult doses, at 131 mg/dose. I suggested dissolving the 100 grams of KI in a gallon (3.8 liters) of water, and then dividing that into four labeled one-liter bottles, each containing 190 adult doses, at 5 mL per dose. That way, doses are easily measured, at one teaspoon per adult dose, a half teaspoon per child dose, and a quarter teaspoon per infant dose.

I warned Jen that potassium iodide is easily oxidized by atmospheric oxygen to elemental iodine, which will give the solution a pale yellow color. There’s no real downside to that–the same amount of iodine is present as before–but some people can’t stand the taste of iodine (versus iodide ions, which have no taste other than a slight saltiness). To prevent that, Jen can add a vitamin C tablet to each bottle to act as an antioxidant.

Jen also asked if there were any other chemicals I’d recommend storing in bulk. I told her that other than the obvious–salt and baking soda–the other one I store in bulk is magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts), which has several uses, notably as an effective laxative. We keep about five kilos of it on the shelf.

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  1. MrAtoz says:

    Lol! You gotta love tRump. He’s doing everything his advisors say not to do. “BJ Klinton is a whore”, “Miss Universe is fat”. UN News “stop tRump!” USA Today “stop tRump!” The Dumbocrats heads are spinning around. A tRump win will be glorious. If the RINOs would get off their dead arrogant asses, tRump would be a shoo-in. RINOs voting for Cankles should make Boobus Americanus realize our gooberment is a sham.

  2. lynn says:

    @AtoZ, you need to get to work. Nevada is a battleground !

    Otherwise, you will be sentenced to four years of watching Illary cackling around the Oval Office.

    Texas is still leaning Repuglican. We will be a blue state in 4 to 8 years with all of these immigrants from California and Michigan.

  3. Dave Hardy says:

    Yesterday/today: “… how the “system” is preying on a public that they hope is uninformed.”

    Today: “…make Boobus Americanus realize our gooberment is a sham.”

    Yup. I was just digging on the juxtaposition of those two phrases over 24 hours. And shortly after reading about the Feebie director’s rabidly incestuous relationships with the Klinton Crime Family “foundation” and associated capers. WHILE he and the Feebies were allegedly investigating Killary. $6 million smackers for Jimmy Comey and what a surprise his decision was, eh? Right around the time our AG met privately at that airport with Larry Klinton himself.

    But Mr. and Mrs. Boobus Americanus are still fixated on the squirrels running around and up and down them trees; Kardashian diets, another wack job shooting people somewhere; some stuff (Chicom slave labor junk) on sale at Wall-Mutt again; and what new thriller-diller tee-vee shows will be on this season.

    “…you will be sentenced to four years of watching Illary cackling around the Oval Office.”

    Eight years. FIFY. Assuming she even lives through the first six months of her first term, which is doubtful. But it will be eight years anyway, ’cause Larry will step back in, or Obola will, or they’ll put Princess Chelsea in the slot. They just do whatever the fuck they want.

    “We will be a blue state in 4 to 8 years with all of these immigrants from California and Michigan.”

    I’d be seriously embarked on GTFO long before that happens.

  4. lynn says:

    Got both the 14 acre office and the house mowed yesterday by independent contractors. The grass at the office was three foot long in places, my grandfather would have been yelling bale it, bale it for the future.

    The guy mowing the 14 acres (it really is about 10 acres of grass with all the buildings and roads), is the landscaper who has been renting my office warehouse for almost five years. I love that office warehouse, it would be the best man cave ever but I like the rent money more. It is 3,750 ft2, 23 ft at the eaves, 28 ft at the ridge, and has a 800 ft2 two story office, kitchen, and a full bathroom. Kind of a Barndominium with a huge vehicle and tools parking area. The slab is a single pour so it is nice and smooth. There are three 16 ft tall doors that slide open. He runs five crews with 15 guys out of there each morning to work on people’s landscaping, sprinklers, mowing, and even wetlands.

  5. lynn says:

    Never mention Princess Chelsea again ! You are not worthy !

  6. lynn says:

    Yeah, Texas hurricane season is probably over !

    The chance of having a hurricane in Texas this year has fallen to that of a EMP, CME, meteor, or several other apocalyptic nasties. However, the chance of a financial apocalypse is steadily rising and trending towards 100%.

  7. MrAtoz says:

    Otherwise, you will be sentenced to four years of watching Illary cackling around the Oval Office.

    That’s what I get for protecting my hearing in the Army. Could I just Fife myself instead?

  8. lynn says:

    “We will be a blue state in 4 to 8 years with all of these immigrants from California and Michigan.”

    I’d be seriously embarked on GTFO long before that happens.

    Texas going blue will be the end of the Republic.

    I was born here and mostly raised here (I don’t talk about those years in NJ but the years in Oklahoma were OK). All of my grandparents and great-grandparents are buried here. I ain’t leaving without a battle.

  9. DadCooks says:


    Better watch out for the EPA and all the earth huggers.

    Quack Quack

  10. Dave Hardy says:

    “I ain’t leaving without a battle.”

    I like your attitude! I approve!

    Ditto up here, although if it gets bad enough, we have an option twelve hours of driving to the northeast. Not sure if we’d make it, so we might just end up going out in a blaze of glory raht cheer.

  11. Miles_Teg says:

    @AtoZ, you need to get to work. Nevada is a battleground !

    OTOH, OFD can sit on his arse: Vt is locked in for Illary.

  12. MrAtoz says:

    With the nearing death of Dirty Harry Reid, NV may have a chance. The guy’s brain is mush already. He’ll fit in with the half-dead union zombies here.

  13. Dave Hardy says:

    This sounds about right:

    Up is down and down is up in Topsy-Turvy Mirror World.

    “OTOH, OFD can sit on his arse: Vt is locked in for Illary.”

    lol. VT ain’t a battleground state. It’s part of the mostly blue Northeast, and it’s once again a division and polarization between the city mice and the country mice.

    It’s funny how some folks still think elections and parties and voting still matter.

  14. dkreck says:

    It’s not so much Harry Reid but the unions that put him there. They’ll just find another stooge. Are those union bosses any better than the Mafia bosses?

  15. Dave Hardy says:

    Same deal with Mordor; the elected and appointed scum come and go but the bureaucracies and unions go on and on. A National Administrator, for example, can implement all kinds of chit and sign whatever “executive orders,” but it’s the bureaucratic minions who carry them out or not, or simply interpret them however they see fit.

    In a nutshell, the empire has grown way too big to effectively and honestly govern, but there are none so blind as those who refuse to see. And figure, via uber-normality bias, that the whole house of cards will somehow stay up forever.

  16. dkreck says:

    Don Corleone:
    Tattaglia’s a pimp.

  17. DadCooks says:

    So what is your personal pronoun:

    Henceforth you shall refer to me as Exalted Grand Poobah of This and All Other Universes or just EGPoTaAOU. ptooey 😉

  18. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Grand High Exalted Majestic Ruler

  19. lynn says:

    This morning I was sitting on a park bench next to a homeless man. I started a conversation by asking him how he ended up this way.

    He said, “Up until last week, I still had it all. I had plenty to eat, my clothes were washed and pressed, I had a roof over my head, I had TV and Internet, and I went to the gym, and the library. I was working on my MBA on-line. I had no bills and no debt. I even had full medical coverage.”

    I felt sorry for him, so I asked, “What happened? Drugs? Alcohol? Divorce?”

    “Oh no, nothing like that,” he said. “No, no. I got out of prison.”

    from my aunt.

  20. MrAtoz says:

    So what is your personal pronoun:

    lol! The Libturdians being eaten alive by their own dumb policy.

    Please address me as: The Big Fukstik MrAtoz!

  21. Dave Hardy says:

    “The Libturdians being eaten alive by their own dumb policy.”

    You’ve hit on it exactly, MrAtoz! They are being hoisted by their own petard, in ye ancient parlance. I saw early evidence of this, and again it was with college kidz, back when I was a TA in Northeast Region grad skools; we had these uber-PC commie texts for them to read and write about, and some of the brighter bulbs outright laughed at that stuff and made fun of it.

    They’ll just keep getting crazier and weirder with this shit and peeps are finally getting fed up with it; laughter and scorn are indeed the best medicines; the Devil hates to be laughed at.

    We need to ridicule these fuckers every chance we get and not just on this board.

  22. dkreck says:


  23. Dave Hardy says:

    Which “Dave”?


    Open, Net, Free, PC?

    I don’t need no stinkin’ pronouns.


  24. MrAtoz says:

    So has ZOD!

  25. dkreck says:

    Well I was referring to myself but any other Dave(and we have many here) may feel free to use it. Dave is very popular name in my age group. I recall one high school class of about 30 with 5 Daves in it. Chemistry I think. We’re the smart ones. HA!
    Would that be Mr Zardoz?

  26. MrAtoz says:

    General ZOD! Kneel before ZOD! lol!

  27. Dave Hardy says:

    MrZardoz, a distant cousin of MrAtoz. We are friends with MrZod.

    Guys named David have been kings and saints.

    I was named after the Biblical one, and my brothers are Philip Mark, Peter Charles and Richard Andrew; sister named Martha Ann. So it was either Biblical characters or English royalty for us.

    My dad’s name was Richard. But everyone called him “Dick,” no lie. Before it was a standard slang insult.

    Further back, my dad’s ancestors in Ye Old Commonwealth of Maffachufetts had a lot of Old Testament names.

  28. dkreck says:

    Well you don’t get too much more ‘Old Testament’ unless it’s Moses. My parents really didn’t have that kind of agenda as neither of my sisters have that kind of name. David was just the popular boy’s name of the fifties. My mother on the other hand, the daughter of italian immigrants, is Gloria Maria – that might be just a little catholic.

  29. MrAtoz says:

    Big lol!

    My first name is David, too. I was named after Davy Crockett believe it or not. lol!

    Mucho Davids on this board.

  30. dkreck says:

    I go by David or Dave or even Davo but Davy has always pissed me off, especially as a kid.

  31. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    I was named after Robert the Bruce.

  32. Dave Hardy says:

    “There is no government without us—our sheer numbers, our muscle, our economy, our physical presence in this land. There can also be no police state—no tyranny—no routine violations of our rights without our complicity and collusion—without our turning a blind eye, shrugging our shoulders, allowing ourselves to be distracted and our civic awareness diluted.”

  33. SteveF says:

    That quote is somewhat true, but I’m uncomfortable with collective guilt.

  34. lynn says:

    “Trump to Obama: Do Not Pardon Hillary Clinton “Or Her Co-Conspirators””

    Trump is living large ! If he loses, Illary is going to chase him out of the country with a stick.

  35. MrAtoz says:

    She pull out the one up her fanny! Eww!

  36. Dave Hardy says:

    “… but I’m uncomfortable with collective guilt.”

    Same here. As in, when we don’t vote at all, it means we elected the Bad Person and it’s All. Our. Fault.

    Or Mick Jagger singing about who killed the Kennedys. And how every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints. Maybe it was satire, who knows.

    “Yah, I’m gonna go with Occam’s Razor on this.”

    Gotta admit; it’s a nifty new tall tale to splain bad behavior. Probably been done before, though, in centuries past.

    “The Devil made me do it.”

    “Goody Nurse was riding in the sky and put a curse on our pig sty.”

  37. Dave says:

    You think there are a lot of Daves here? When I was in college after being a freshman and having to live in the dorm, I lived in a house off campus and always had at least one other Dave in the house. At one point I lived in a house with two other Daves. Not only that, but we rented from an Asian student who went by the name of Dave.

  38. SteveF says:

    Two Camerons sit near me on my day “job”. I’ve tried to attach the nicknames Cambro and Camette to them, but it hasn’t caught on.

  39. Dave Hardy says:

    My first job after leaving cop work was being a low-level sys admin supporting manufacturing engineers; two of them were named Dave, so we were The Dave Team.

    VAX/VMS 4.5 on a MicroVAX and RSX on a PDP-11. 1986.

    One of the Dave guys still works for that same company and I communicated with him a couple of times on Linked-In this past year. He’s the guy who gave me a big boost up on IT stuff, beyond what I’d managed to glean from studying the orange DEC manuals in the basement of the university library all summer on midnight shifts.

  40. Dave Hardy says:

    And the great Lone Star State does the Right Thing:

    Now if about a dozen other states did the same thing…

    …cue up the various dreamer songs….

  41. David Edwards says:

    As a child I was Davy, in the Airforce it was Davo or eddy, I do prefer David.
    Worked for Control Data on the old 360 maqchines then Cyber something cannot remember what and as a NASA control tech in space tracking station including the first Shuttle flights, after airforce, among many different jobs always a David

  42. nick says:

    I think it must be a Confederacy of Davids. All of you need to get pseudonymous NOW! NOW I tells ya!

    We had a lot of Mary Elizabeths, and plain old Marys at my Catholic HS. Lots of Michaels too. Nothing like the plague of Daves on here though.

    g’nite to ya


  43. Dave Hardy says:

    My wife calls me “David” when she’s miffed at me, or uses the French pronounciation; Princess calls me “Dave” and has done so since her teenage years when SHE was permanently miffed at me. MIL calls me “Davy.” I don’t much care what they call me…so long as…
    …they don’t call me…
    ……….late for dinner!

    At various jobs it’s usually just been “Dave.”

    “…We had a lot of Mary Elizabeths…”

    Mrs. OFD’s name; 100% Irish-American Catholic

    This weekend, after the dump run, it will be nose to the grindstone prepping for a phone conference (WebEx) interview Monday afternoon for the post-IBM RHEL job back at my old plantation straddling the Winooski River.

    And now off to the Land of Nod…pax vobiscum…

    P.S. Apparently the Washington Times got a leaked doc from Homeland Security (supposedly) indicating that ISIL or ISIS or whatever musloid scum are planning attacks on sporting events, music festivals, and the like, with edged weapons, small arms and explosives. So a word to the wise.

    P.S.S. Other indicators of a potential Black Swan event in November, and in any case, increased threat levels across the board from now until January.

  44. Denis says:

    ““…We had a lot of Mary Elizabeths…”

    Mrs. OFD’s name; 100% Irish-American Catholic”

    Must be a ‘murican-Irish thing. I know lots of Irish Marys, but no Irish Elizabeths, probably since that is the name of the current British monarch.

  45. Dave says:

    I think it must be a Confederacy of Davids. All of you need to get pseudonymous NOW! NOW I tells ya!

    I thought it was An Army of Davids?

  46. SteveF says:

    Hybridize An Army of Davids with A Confederacy of Dunces and what do you get?

  47. nick says:

    Ding ding ding. SteveF for the win!

    BTW, CofD, what a strange story that book is…


  48. MrAtoz says:

    There’s an article on BBC about “1 in 10 children have a monkey-like immune system” that makes them impervious to AIDS. I guess Mr. SteveF is super impervious.

  49. SteveF says:

    SteveF for the win!

    Of course! I’m awesome! I’m almost as awesome as I think I am!

    I guess Mr. SteveF is super impervious.

    I’m sure I’ve just been insulted somehow. I’m not sure quite what it was, but as soon as I figure it out, be sure that I shall make the appropriate response.

  50. DadCooks says:

    WRT names:

    On my paternal side all first born males are named William, after William the Conqueror (nickname William the Bastard).

    I have always gone by my middle name, Eric. My aunt liked to call me Erk 😉

    Using my middle name has always presented some problems but I was surprised that when I joined the Navy they had no trouble, I’m “W” Eric. My original Social inSecurity Card has me as W. Eric. But for Social inSecurity and MediNoCare today I must be William, because that is my birth certificate. I guess since I am not a member of the oligarchy I cannot use my usual name. SS told me that the computer system does not allow first initials (BS SS).

  51. nick says:

    If that’s true, what do the do for people who only HAVE initials?

    My friend’s dad has no name, only J. W. and a family name. No they don’t stand for anything. His son has a first name that starts with W and a middle initial J which doesn’t stand for anything. Country folk.


  52. DadCooks says:

    “If that’s true, what do the do for people who only HAVE initials?”

    😉 Social inSecurity probably gives them a name, like “Jay” and “Duboyou”.

  53. Miles_Teg says:

    “Grand High Exalted Majestic Ruler”


    30 years ago I had a boss we called “His Royal Omnipotence God Phillip I”.

  54. ech says:

    In a club in high school, I was “Keeper of the Exalted Triangle”.

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