Day: April 18, 2016

Monday, 18 April 2016

09:38 – We just finished moving a bunch of concrete blocks from the garage, where we’d temporarily stuck them, out to the concrete pad outside the garage door. Is it just me, or do concrete blocks weigh two or three times as much as they used to?

Frances and Al just had the crawl space in their house in Winston redone to seal it and eliminate a water problem. It’s a much taller area than I think of as a crawl space. More like a basement without much headroom. It’s even heated and air conditioned. Al, who’s about my height, can walk around stooped, and Frances can walk around without bending down. Frances mentioned that they now had space to store a bunch of LTS food and water. I’m not sure if she was serious or not. Just in case she’s serious, I just emailed her a PDF of the LDS Preparedness Manual, which is an excellent starting point. If you don’t have a copy, grab one now.

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