Day: April 4, 2016

Monday, 4 April 2016

09:09 – Barbara is off to the gym this morning and a Friends of the Library meeting after lunch. I’m making up chemicals for forensic kits. This afternoon, we’ll fill bottles and build chemical bags.

One of the interesting things we’ve noticed about living in Sparta is that the black population, about 2% of the total, is completely integrated with the general population. In larger towns and cities, most blacks, from lower class to upper class, speak with at least vestiges of the “black accent”, which derives from Gullah. Here, the blacks we’ve encountered speak with the same accent as anyone else. I suspect that most of their families have lived in this area for generations.

10:27 – When I read articles about BLM,, and other progressive scum engaging in violent “protests”, I often wonder why there’s never a right-wing sniper taking out their leadership. I can only assume that would-be snipers don’t want to waste a perfectly good rifle by throwing it away after the shooting to avoid giving the authorities ballistic evidence if they’re later caught with the rifle.

Which made me think of a specialty round that Remington introduced in the late 70’s called Accelerator. These were .224 bullets loaded in .30-06 cartridges, using a discarding sabot. I shot a few boxes of these back in the late 70’s. Their ballistics were similar to the .220 Swift, about 4,100 fps and very flat shooting. The fired bullets had no rifling marks on them, because the actual bullet never touched the rifling. A few years after their introduction, Remington discontinued the Accelerator rounds in .30-06 and .308, supposedly at the request of the federal government. I’m not sure when Remington started selling them again, but I see that they’re available new in at least .30-06, albeit at something like $2.25/round. Handloaders can buy just the sabots, and load their own.

As things continue going downhill, I could see shooting prog activists and leaders becoming a popular new form of big-game hunting. Of course, we’d then see protests from the animal rights movement.

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