Day: April 26, 2016

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

09:10 – Barbara is off getting her car inspected and checked over. We did kit stuff yesterday and have more on the schedule for today. We also got about 14 liters of canola oil that we purchased at Sam’s Club in July of 2015 repackaged into 2-liter PET bottles. That’s a one person-year supply of oil.

We also got a bunch of 3-liter PET bottles dried and ready for storing bulk staples, primarily flour. I reserve 3-liter bottles and the one-gallon Costco water bottles for staples that are a PITA to get into the narrower mouths of 2-liter bottles. Rice, sugar, small beans, oats, and even cornmeal go into the 2-liter bottles without any problem, but stuff that’s either chunky (like macaroni) or very fine and puffy (like flour) are either too large for the funnel or tend to pack and jam it.

Two of Barbara’s friends from Winston are coming up tomorrow morning to spend the day, so Colin and I will be on our own.

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