Thursday, 22 January 2015

08:24 – Barbara’s recovery continues. She’s doing extremely well, better than when she had her other knee replaced three years ago. Colin is assisting in her treatment by snuggling up to her during the day and all night, as well as licking the affected area frequently.

I’m working on science kit stuff, filling bottles and building subassemblies.

09:12 – When the PT guy was here yesterday, he said that he’d been listening to weather forecasts. Apparently, some forecasters are predicting a severe winter storm event and others are predicting nothing. That’s often the case here in the lee of the mountains. What will actually happen is almost impossible to predict accurately. We might get nothing, or we might get an ice storm like the one several years ago that left us without power for four or five days.

After the PT guy left, Barbara wondered aloud if we needed to make a supermarket run for groceries. I told her that if we did, I had no business writing a prepping book. At this point, we’d be okay as long as the ice storm lasted no longer than 12 to 15 months.