Wednesday, 21 January 2015

09:49 – Barbara continues to do very well. She has physical therapy every day this week, and is up and walking around frequently.

We finished watching Jericho last night. Well, I watched it while Barbara kind of paid attention to it while she worked her crossword puzzles. On second viewing, I’m even more impressed with it than I was the first time. The best prepping series I’ve ever seen. Yeah, they get some trivial stuff wrong. For example, during a severe winter and a fuel shortage, people continue to live individually or in small groups in their own homes rather than consolidating several families per home to conserve scarce fuel. And, since the Event occurred at harvest time in rural Kansas, there really shouldn’t have been any shortage of food. A large surplus, more like. IIRC, every Kansas farm feeds on average something like 250 people. There should have been grains, beans, and other crops in abundance, and a surplus of meat and dairy products. And Jericho must have had a gigantic warehouse filled with batteries and candles, because three months after they’re isolated, Jericho residents are still using those profligately, with no apparent shortage. Routinely lighting rooms in homes with literally dozens of candles or several battery lanterns, and so on.

But despite those minor quibbles, the writers get it right. They have good leaders and bad leaders. Competent people and incompetent ones. Hotheads and conciliators. Even the good people sometimes behave badly, and most of the bad ones are bad only because they’re forced to be by circumstances. And, beyond the local authorities, government is not their friend. They’re even lucky enough to have a resident wizard.