Tuesday, 13 January 2015

09:33 – I’m going to split today between kit stuff and working on the prepping book, which currently sits at 222 pages and just over 85,000 words. At a guess, it’s not quite halfway through the first draft. The target is 450 to 500 pages, but that could vary up or down.

At the moment, I’m writing about hunkering down (bugging in) versus evacuating (bugging out). Short take: you’re absolutely nuts to evacuate unless there’s absolutely, positively no alternative. Even if your home is in a less than ideal location, such as the suburbs, your chances are almost always better there than they would be on the road. All of your stuff is at home. You know the area. You know your neighbors. Your friends are probably near by, and perhaps your family. Your home is like a turtle’s shell. If you go out on the road, you’re much more vulnerable. You’re a naked turtle, surrounded by turtle-iverous predators. Of course, the ideal is for your home to be remote from more dangerous areas, like big cities and their suburbs.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared to evacuate if an emergency makes that your best option. Just be aware that you may well be jumping out of the proverbial frying pan.