Sunday, 4 January 2015

10:10 – Is it just me, or is the new CNN website just about unusable? In the past, I’ve visited that site to keep an eye on what the leftie/progressive statists are up to, just as I visit the Foxnews site to keep an eye on what the religious-right statists are up to. But CNN is now so cluttered that I suspect they’ll see a huge drop-off in traffic, not that that’d be a bad thing. Turner’s news operations have been going downhill ever since the good old days when Bill Tush read the “news” with a paper bag over his head.

It’s supposed to get a bit chilly here by mid-week, with forecast lows about 10F (-12C). That’s dangerously cold around here, where many people don’t own suitable coats and the furnaces in many homes are insufficient to cope. I’m sure the new homeless shelter downtown will be packed to capacity, as will the churches that also take in homeless people during very cold weather.