Tuesday, 20 May 2014

08:16 – We’re apparently getting a new mailman. Danny Hughes, who’s been our carrier for the last couple or three years, started working a new route yesterday. Tammi, Danny’s regular replacement, told me that she wasn’t completely sure who’d be the new regular carrier, but the one she expects to get this route is a good one. I’ll have to get him used to picking up a lot of packages here.

I’m still building up inventory by filling bottles. Lots and lots of bottles. When I finally get through this latest batch, we’ll have enough for 60 forensics kits, 90 biology kits, and 150 chemistry kits.

13 thoughts on “Tuesday, 20 May 2014”

  1. A week or so the mailperson missed you completely and you were cross enough to think the postmaster should be sacked. Did you find out what happened?

  2. Oh, I know what happened. They were covered up with mail and instead of making sure it was all delivered as quickly as possible, the postmaster told the delivery people just to get as much done as they could without working any overtime. We were last on the list.

  3. “Google is Breaking the Internet”

    “In short, the email was a request to remove links from our site to their site. We linked to this company on our own accord, with no prior solicitation, because we felt it would be useful to our site visitors, which is generally why people link to things on the Internet.”

    I have a link page on my website. I ignore a lot of requests to get on it and I guess that I would ignore a delete request also.

  4. Huh, I would have thought that they would at least do pickup on mail going out. Taking another day or two to deliver sucks but not picking up is criminal.

    USPS is an organization just about ready to have an event leading to system failure. I have no idea what the event will be but the results will be bad. The USA might not have a mail system for a week or two. Ten weeks would be a freaking nightmare.

    I saw an article (maybe from here) that the Postmaster General believes that his true customers are the 400+ bulk mailers. What a moron, can’t even read the USA Constitution.

  5. “Are your CDs dying?”

    “Take two copies of the same manufactured CD from 1987 and subject to extreme heat and humidity in an environmental test chamber. Should turn out the same, right? No:”

    “The one of the right is totally destroyed, while the one on the left is still playable. Why?”

    This is why I use hard drives for backup. Of course, my office LAN backup just hit 2 TB so I am not sure anything but a hard drive covers that much with a single device and single media.

  6. My wonderful GOP led state of Nevada takes a dump on it’s health care exchange:

    The board of the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange voted this morning to dump the contractor that botched the building of its Nevada Health Link website, and to move partly into the federal system for at least the next year.

    The move would let the state exchange keep its autonomy and its member-based funding, and to allow the marketplace to switch to an operational website from another state for its 2016 enrollment period.

    The change to a new system could cost as much as $57 million in addition to the $72 million contract the exchange already had with Xerox. But exchange officials said they’ve already applied for federal grants to cover the cost. Plus, the cost of buying another system may drop considerably by the time the exchange is ready to go forward in late 2015, state officials said.

    I hear they tried programming it in BASIC. $57 million? That should be chump change for Harry Reid to fleece out of you other states pockets. Can’t risk pissing off Nevada unions, you know.

  7. On the gigantic healthcare fraud ripoff project, it was reported earlier today that more “conservative” governors were getting “on board” with ObummerCARE, as they can see how their bread is buttered, so to speak, in line with Leviathan’s mandates and directives and suchlike.

    So the Project continues, until, as Bob has said before, and I have agreed, they’ll lump it all into one gigantic MegaFund, all retirements, pensions, SS, Medicare/Medicaid, 401ks, etc., etc. and assure us that this is the most efficient and moral way to distribute “healthcare” to the masses, as they loot the shit out of it six ways from Sunday and “borrow” from it for more “national security” projects and overseas clusterfuck wars that our generals can’t win ’cause they’re still stuck in Second Generation tactics and strategies.

    Will China or Russia eat our lunch? Very doubtful; they’re actually in worse shape than us and will swirl down the toilet back to Turd Whirled status well before we do. I also think Bob is right on how the Anglo-American West will probably muddle through, but with a lotta pain and suffering for most folks. Life will get harder for a lot of us and our kids and grandkids, but we’ll still be in better shape than “old Europe” or the Fah East.

    I expect more unrest and violence, and also for the State to stomp down harder on us all; it’s gonna be an interesting ride but it didn’t have to be this bad.

  8. And now for something completely different:

    Mr. Obama will declare about 500,000 acres as the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument. About half of that land is expected to be set aside as wilderness, meaning it will be closed to vehicles and construction.

    Oh, wait, same old same old. Another giant land grab by the Feds. Stroke of the pen. To preserve our heritage, you know. I wonder how much will be funneled to the BLM for this. Brand new entry portal for new democratic voters. And drugs.

  9. And as usual, interesting comments after that story in the WT.

    Complete bag job, with two Dem senators and the Border Patrol “spokesperson,” of course.

  10. The Chemistry Joke That Got a Student Suspended:

    Good for her, and I’m glad to see that “Internet justice” has forced the school administration to back down. All’s well that ends well.

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