Friday, 16 May 2014

09:21 – I have those 30 kits boxed up and ready to ship. I started with filled and labeled chemical bottles, but otherwise I built those kits from scratch in two busy days. That tells me that without additional labor we can build at least 30 kits a week every week if we need to, or about 1,500 kits per year. That’ll do for now.

That leaves storage as the only issue. Barbara nixed the idea of parking my Trooper outside. She doesn’t want it sitting out in the weather. As an alternative, she suggested expanding our storage area into the finished area downstairs. That’s fine with me. That means I can get most of the stuff out of the work/storage room upstairs and use it mostly for finished goods inventory and partially as a staging area for building kits. Bulk stuff like cases of bottles, beakers, tubes, etc. can go into the finished area downstairs. Problem solved, at least for the next year or two.