Wednesday, 21 May 2014

09:37 – We’re getting low on biology kits, so I’ll get started on a new batch today. We got a good start last weekend on cleaning out the upstairs work/inventory room. Once we finish that, I’ll have room to store a couple hundred or more kits there.

14:03 – I found this surprising: Only 56 percent of Americans can perform the five core swimming skills

The article notes that 86% of Americans believe they can swim, which apparently means that 30% of the people you encounter believe they can swim, but can’t. Hmmm. I believe I can swim, but perhaps I’m wrong. I learned to swim before I started elementary school. Our junior high school had an indoor pool, and half our gym classes took place in the pool. In high school and college I spent lots of time every summer swimming and diving, and I passed the Water Safety Instructor test in college. But I haven’t tested the hypothesis in probably 35 years or more, so perhaps I’ve actually forgotten how to swim.

But apparently nearly half of Americans lack even basic swimming skills, which is disgraceful. How can parents not teach their children to swim? How can schools not require that children demonstrate the ability to swim? Talk about a fundamental skill. If in fact 44% of Americans can’t swim, I’m surprised that only 10 people a day drown in this country.