Friday, 9 May 2014

07:45 – Colin passed his annual checkup with flying colors. He now weighs 68 pounds (31 kilos), down from 82 pounds (37 kilos) a year ago, when our vet said he was a porker. She said he’s now at the perfect weight. Barbara took Colin by herself, and said he was perfectly behaved in the car. She’s back at work today for a very short workweek before the weekend.

We’ve finished watching The Shield, so we were looking around yesterday for something else to add to our rotation. We decided to give another teen drama a try, this one from 16 years ago. It’s called Dawson’s Creek, and it stars Katie Holmes in her first big role, at age 19.

Last night, I thought about another one-hit wonder from the early 70’s. The group was Gunhill Road and the track was Back When My Hair Was Short. So I headed over to YouTube, searched for the title, and played the first link that came up. It wasn’t at all as I remembered it.

As it turned out, that was the 1973 version, intended for radio play. So I clicked on another link, the one for the original 1972 album version. That’s the one I remembered.

Of course, there are many rock tracks that exist in censored versions with a few words altered for radio play, but this was the first time I’d encountered a censored version that had completely different lyrics. Same group, same track title, same melody, but the lyrics weren’t even close to the original. The original was all about drugs. I’m not sure what the censored version was supposed to be about.