Monday, 5 May 2014

08:43 – Probably 25 years ago, I settled on my favorite pipe tobacco, Dunhill My Mixture 965. Unfortunately, not long after, Dunhill stopped making the stuff. They apparently subbed out manufacture to other companies, and although the name was the same, the tobacco sold as Dunhill 965 was and is a pale shadow of the original. I’ve since tried several supposed clones of the original, but none of them have come close to matching the original Dunhill 965.

For the last couple years, I’ve been buying a supposed “match” from Pipes & Cigars. It’s a decent tobacco, but not even close to the original. I’m running short on tobacco, so this morning I placed my usual order for five pounds of their 965 “match”. But this time I went a step further. The original blend was heavy on Latakia and Perique. The blend I order has some Latakia, but not enough. And Perique is absent. So I also ordered half a pound each of Latakia and Perique. I’ll add some of those to the base tobacco and see what I can come up with.

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  1. Dunhill 965 is popular enough that most tobacconists have a clone. My parents had an arrangement that my father was allowed to smoke a pipe in the house (1970s and early 1980s) so long as she got to pick the tobacco. Consequently, he smoked a lot of flavored Cavendish-based “crowd pleaser” blends. I like smoking English blends like Dunhill 965 as well as the “crowd pleaser” variety, but I’m more apt to just grab a cigar. I don’t smoke a pipe often enough for the work involved in smoking one to be mostly mindless muscle memory, so cigars are just easier.

    Nebraska passed a state-wide smoking ban about 7 years ago, but they have been able to get an exception worked in for pipe and cigar bars. The only stipulation is that cigarette smoking is prohibited in pipe and cigar bars.

  2. Weird question from a non-smoker, but…

    Does tobacco mix easily? If you add Latakia and Perique to a blend does it mix easily and well enough to be homogenous?

    Although I detest cigarettes I don’t mind (other people) smoking pipes and cigars. I don’t think I’ll ever take up either though. When I was a kid, in about 1968, the older brother of a friend smoked ‘Blend 11’ – I don’t remember if it was in a pipe or roll-your-own, but I thought it smelled wonderful.

  3. Re: smoking bans

    I remember being shocked when I went up to Cambridge to visit O’Reilly in 1997 or 1998. They put me up at a B&B in Cambridge. I carried my luggage up to my room and then came back down and stood talking to the landlady on the sidewalk out front. I lit my pipe, and she said, “There’s no smoking allowed here.” I told her I wouldn’t smoke inside, but she said the smoking ban applied to all of Cambridge, both indoors and outdoors, including private residences. Geez.

  4. I’ve never blended tobacco, but how hard can it be? I’ll fill a jar halfway with the 965 clone, add a bit of Latakia and/or Perique, stir/shake it up, and see what it’s like.

  5. Does tobacco mix easily? If you add Latakia and Perique to a blend does it mix easily and well enough to be homogenous?

    There is a whole art around aging tobaccos so the aromas and flavors of the individual varieties melds, blends, and evolves over time. I’ve talked to some guys in tobacco forums that have quite a stash of tobacco in their basement and will discuss smoking something they purchased 10 years ago and so forth. Personally, I only keep about 5oz of pipe tobacco and perhaps a dozen cigars on hand.

  6. Wish I’d saved those cans!

    Do you have Prince Albert in a can?

    Sorry…. couldn’t resist.

  7. I’ve been meaning for a while to convert one of my grandfather’s old pipes to an e-pipe. I like the action of smoking, but I don’t want to do it regularly because of the health effects and the possibility of nicotine addiction. Ideally I’d just smoke a propylene glycol mixture or similar, most of the time, and break out cigars on special occasions.

  8. Well, as any honest actuary will tell you, pipe smokers outlive non-smokers. Not that smoking a pipe is good for you per se, but it’s self-selection going on. Pipe smokers are almost invariably type B personalities, and tend not to die of heart attacks, strokes, etc.

  9. Haha, I think the pipe smoking thing was one of the first things I ever read on your daynotes, one of the times you posted it before. It’s very interesting. But yeah, I don’t want to unnecessarily increase the risk my health…

  10. For the last couple years, I’ve been buying a supposed “match” from Pipes & Cigars.

    Did Cornell & Diehl change their name?

  11. No. I started having problems with Cornell & Diehl after Craig Tarler died. I eventually decided to take my business elsewhere.

  12. My dad smoked a pipe, for which reason the smell of good pipe tobacco brings back fond memories. However, I can’t see myself taking it up. I did try a cigar once, but found it a definite “meh”. Much as a like barbecue, smoky whiskies, etc, the cigar just did nothing for me…

  13. My dad also smoked a pipe and IIRC, he used Edgeworth tobacco. Smelled OK but I never tried it and gave up ciggies cold-turkey in 1978.

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